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Gender Male
Species Miner
Faction Evil
Status Unknown

Alpha is a character from RustedRusher4455's alternate universe. He is an evil miner who rules over an underground facility, which was once one of Rusted Rusher's Lairs.


Alpha looks like the maroon miner except with eyes that are red and black. This is because they are mechanical.

General Information

Alpha creates mutant monsters for a living. He'll often take some monsters from the underground caves and turn them into bigger, more monstrous beings. Technically, beings that he mutates don't lose their mind, but the cave monsters were aggressive to begin with. Alpha is actually attempting to build an army to fight Zero's forces.


Alpha was originally a normal miner, until he was attacked by Zero. He was blinded in this attack and had fallen deep into the caves. A friendly Silkey had found and saved him. This Silkey built mechanical eyes for Alpha to allow him to see. At this point, Alpha had decided that Zero and his machines were a threat to the world, and vowed to defeat him. Only, his methods were rather unheroic.

More when the stories are made


Alpha has a friendly, yet rather unsettling disposition. Even though he isn't hiding a more brutal or insane personality underneath, most people who meet him wouldn't trust him. He does whatever he needs to do to get his forces powerful enough, unless it involves murder or worse, as he's not that needlessly evil.



  • He is actually not the maroon miner from the Cave Chaos series, but another member of the species.
  • It's unknown what his name was before becoming Alpha.