This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make an edit to this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


The story reflects that of Nitrome Online, but this time you get to play as a Nitrome character instead of your own avatar. You team up into squadrons of four and go through different battlefields defeating waves of enemies and eventually defeating a boss.


The following controls are for the PFC system.

Left Control Stick- movement

A- Attack


There are multiple types of each character, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Only the main characters will be listed here. The different types of each character will be divided into its own category.

Cat Angel

Blue in Rex209

Austin Carter



Norman Noggin






Hazmat Hero


Canary 214-LE


Spartan Warrior

Fat Cat & Owl



Dirk Valentine

Castle Corp. Knight






Akuma's Skyscraper

Nitrome Towers

War-Torn City


Dr. Nastidious' Lair

Ancient Greece


Temple Jungle


Defense Robot Zero

Nitrome Boss

Omega Dragon


The Machine


Maxwell Merlock

Giant Worm


Each battlefield has its own distinct type of enemies.

Akuma's Skyscraper

Blue Mines- 50 health

S.W.A.T. Units- 100 health

Cyber Samurais- 400 health

Simian Units- 800 health

Nitrome Towers

Orange Squids- 50 health

Gobbers- 100 health

Henchmen- 400 health

Employees- 800 health

War-Torn City

Dark Things- 50 health

Dragons (Twin Shot)- 100 health

Quackbots- 400 health

Angry Quackbots- 800 health


Blind Demons- 50 health

Alien Turtles- 100 health

Jumping Demons- 400 health

Quad-eyed Demons- 800 health

Dr. Nastidious' Lair

Monkey Green Enzymes- 50 health

Throwing Orange Enzymes- 100 health

Mimic Green Enzymes- 400 health

Juggernaut Orange Enzymes- 800 health

Ancient Greece

Enemy Soldiers- 50 health

Enemy Archers- 100 health

Gladiators- 400 health

Priests of Hecate- 800 health


Nitromefied People- 50 health

Bomb Shooting Robots- 100 health

Charging Robots- 400 health

Robotic Squids- 800 health

Temple Jungle

Dragon Guardians- 50 health

Mr. Gobbles- 100 health

Sandworms- 400 health

Trolls (Square Meal)- 800 health


Coins- gives you money to spend on new characters

Food- heals players

Stars- go toward to power meter to fuel power attacks and super attacks

Character Types

Cat Angel

A quick, floaty fighter with ranged arrow attacks, Cat Angel's deadly accuracy deals more damage than most characters, and his angelic powers gives him a health regenerating ability.

Health- 600

Attack- 80

Defense- 50

Speed- 65

Special Abilities- health regeneration

Cat Gargoyle- higher defense, slower speed

Kitty Cruiser Angel- enemy attacks have a 15% chance of bouncing off and doing nothing

Pirate Angel- gets a coin bonus from all enemy kills

Swindler Cat- less health, higher attack

Sabre-tooth Cat- attacks have a 25% chance of dealing area damage

Runner Angel- higher speed

Blue in Rex209

A tough combatant with ranged and melee attacks that allow them to fight enemies far away and at close quarters all at once.

Health- 570

Attack- 75


Speed- 45

Special Abilities- none

Mechasaur209- slower speed, higher attack

Zapo209- faster speed

Blue in Brain- lower attack, higher defense

Bubble Gum in Rex209- attacks have a 20% chance of freezing enemies in place

Turnament209- slower speed, higher health

Magneboy209- ranged attacks will pull nearby enemies towards them to deal area damage to multiple targets

Austin Carter

An aggressive melee fighter with long sweeping attacks that can damage multiple targets at once.

Health- 540

Attack- 65

Defense- 50

Speed- 60

Special Abilities- none

Austin Valentine- higher attack

Pirate Austin- higher health

Teenager Austin- an Oodlegob will follow Austin and help fight enemies, lower health

Fiesta Carter- power and super attacks deal more damage, lower defense

Sleepwalker Austin- slower speed, attacks have a 20% chance of putting enemies to sleep

Austin Frost- faster speed

Super Austin- occasionally glows red and deals extra damage while glowing, higher defense


While he is slow and doesn't deal much damage, his clipboard bounces off 20% of the damage taken from enemy attacks.

Health- 490

Attack- 45

Defense- 80

Speed- 40

Special Abilities- ignoring 20% damage of enemy attacks

Professor Nastidious- faster speed, lower defense

Professor Monty- lower attack, higher health

Zombie Professor- both the player and nearby allies have a 50% chance of completely healing when hit with critical enemy attacks

Young Professor- higher health, higher speed

Professor Clone- higher defense, lower attack


With his lightning quick ninja moves and shuriken attacks, Takeshi can outmaneuver most enemies.

Health- 620

Attack- 65

Defense- 70

Speed- 65

Special Abilities- none

Fluffy Takeshi- faster speed

Cyber Takeshi- 30% chance of countering enemy critical attacks

Mega Mash Takeshi- lower attack, higher health

Young Taki- higher attack

Yin Takeshi- can turn enemy crits into health points

Coal Takeshi- has a 10% chance of blinding enemies when attacking

Norman Noggin

His large head slows him down a bit, but his cosmic aura and heavy head butt attacks deal great amounts of damage.

Health- 580

Attack- 70

Defense- 65

Speed- 55

Special Abilities-

Possessed Noggin- lower health, higher attack

Nanobot Noggin- has a group of nanobots that follow him and constantly spin around him so that nearby enemies will be damaged even when he is not attacking, higher health

Warlock Noggin- higher defense

Bulletnoggin- fires bullets from his head every 60 seconds that deals area damage to enemies

King Norman- receives 15% of XP collected by nearby teammates getting enemy kills

Gymnast Norman- faster speed, higher health

T-Rex Noggin- higher attack, slower speed

Squid Noggin- has a squid on his head that will leech onto nearby enemies and deal damage to them over time

Crash Norman- has a 15% chance of receiving no damage from enemy attacks


A speedy warrior with a grappling hook that can reel in far away enemies for close quarter attacks.

Health- 570

Attack- 70

Defense- 55

Speed- 80

Special Abilities- reeling in far away enemies

Ice Skater Eskimo- faster speed

Yeti Eskimo- higher attack

Saboteur Eskimo- deals bonus damage when ranged attacks hit their targets

Chain Eskimo- blasts out a chain head along with the grappling hook that explodes for area damage

S.W.A.T. Eskimo- higher defense, lower health

Norse Eskimo- lower attack, higher health

Ice Cream Eskimo- slowly regenerates health over time


Hallbert brings his dagger and giant serpent slayin' sword into battle with him for long arching attacks and the ability to latch onto large enemies and deal damage to them.

Health- 550

Attack- 75

Defense- 60

Speed- 55

Special Abilities- sneak attacks

Viking Hallbert- area attacks, higher attack

Henchman Hallbert- will release his helmet when hit by crits; the helmet will bounce around causing damage to nearby enemies

Beefed-Up Hallbert- higher health, slower speed

Ninja Hallbert- bonus damage when latch attacking

Spartan Hallbert- higher defense, 10% chance of parrying and counterattacking enemy crits

Knucklehead Hallbert- faster speed, lower health

Pest Control Hallbert- lower attack, has 30% chance of swatting away enemy crits


Barry, the demolition team's Destructive Vehicle Specialist has a hefty hammer and a mini-wrecking ball helicopter to pound his foes with.

Health- 590

Attack- 75

Defense- 65

Speed- 45

Special Abilities- mini-wrecking ball helicopter follows him and attacks as part of his attack sequence

Watcher Barry- helicopter will drop a bomb for an area attack every 60 seconds

Mallet Mania Barry- faster speed

Double Edged Barry- higher attack, area attacks

Biker Barry- lower attack, higher defense

Canary Barry- collects bonus cash from enemy kills

Smokey Bacon Barry- regenerates health over time, slower speed


Billy's habit of eating when he is nervous naturally regenerates health for him over time, and what he lacks in speed and endurance he more than makes up for with his heavy attacks and flabby defense.

King Billy- slows down nearby enemies

Monkey Billy- makes his Banana Bomb blaster faster at attacking and reloading

Rainbow Billy- faster speed

Billy Boss- higher defense

Barrel Billy- slower speed, higher attack

Twang Billy- has a 25% chance of having enemy crits bounce off him and deal damage to the enemy

Blue Billy- higher health


Perhaps the fastest fighter on the field, Fluffykins has quick melee attacks and while his defense is low, he can usually avoid attacks using only his speedy feet.

Ribbit Fluffykins- higher defense

Fire Fluffykins- higher attack

J-J-Jump Fluffykins- higher speed, lower health

Fluffykins Trap- two fly traps on his head will bite at nearby enemies to damage them even when he is not attacking

Baby Fluffykins- higher health, less speed

Hazmat Hero

His explosive attacks deal area damage to hit multiple targets at once, and his hazmat suit protects him from enemy attacks.

Hazmat Pirate- lays mines every 30 seconds that explode and damage nearby enemies when activated

Demolition Hero- higher attack

Gasguzzler Hero- has a 20% chance of blinding enemies when attacking, lower defense

Triclopian Hero- higher speed, lower health

Bearded Hero- higher defense, has a dog that follows him and attacks enemies

Skeleton Hero- higher health, has a Sporty small fry that follows him and heals him over time


A quick and sneaky little guy armed with a Boss Whip and crates full of delicious peanuts.

Wizard Chimp- releases Homing Magic Orbs every 60 seconds that home in and damage enemies

Steamlands Chimp- higher defense

Chiseler Chimp- higher attack, slower speed

Bucket Chimp- higher health, lower attack

Canary 214-LE

A fast and tough alien slayer armed with a cutting laser for ranged attacks and a hard hat for solid defense.

Infected Canary- deals poison damage to nearby enemies

Proton Canary- higher attack

Cat Canary- a mega laser will come down from the sky and deal area damage to enemies every 90 seconds

Lost Moon Canary- has a Lost Moon that follows him and attacks enemies, lower health

Astronaut Canary- slower speed, higher defense

Techie Canary- faster speed, lower attack

Mechanic Canary- decreases chance of nearby enemies getting crits

Medic Canary- higher health, regenerates health over time

Forensics Canary- lower defense, has a 5% chance of an enemy instantly


His melee attacks have a long reach and he can dodge enemy attacks by opening portals using his Fault Line powers.

MagneZapo- attracts bonus cash from enemy kills

Xolstar Zapo- higher attack

Nebula Zapo- faster speed

Witchdoctor Zapo- higher health, can heal nearby allies

Voodoo Zapo- damage dealt to him by an enemy deals the same amount of damage to the enemy that damaged him...if that makes any sense...

Spartan Warrior

His attack and defense are very high due to his tough armor and large arsenal of melee weapons.

Demon Warrior- higher attack

Tiny Castle Spartan- lower health, higher speed

Onekey Warrior- nearby enemies have a decreased chance of using crits, nearby allies regenerate health over time

UFO Spartan- has a mini-UFO that follows him and attacks enemies

Statue Spartan- higher defense, slower speed

Treadmill Spartan- faster speed

Flightless Warrior- higher health, magic ladders spawn and damage enemies every 60 seconds

Fat Cat & Owl

This heavyweight duo of fighters have powerful attacks and solid defense, and their use of teamwork to attack enemies allows them to dispatch foes quite easily.

Flash Cat and Owl- faster speed

MewTube Cat and Owl- area damage, lower defense

Fat Cat & Mail Bird- gets bonus health and bonus XP points from enemy kills

Fat Cat & Penguin- slower speed, has a 20% chance of freezing enemies when attacking

Fat Cat & Egyptian Bird- higher attack, deals curse damage to nearby enemies

Angelic Cat and Owl- higher health

Ditto Cat and Owl- higher defense


The planet-splitting robot attacks with his pincers and quickly executed underground attacks that when perfectly timed can dodge enemy attacks.

Rocket Chiseler- faster speed

Stumped Chiseler- area attack, higher health

Shooter Chiseler- higher defense

Worm Chiseler- higher attack


A brutal fighter with ranged arrow attacks that are deadly accurate and deal more and more area damage as they escalate in the attack sequence.

Three-Way Caveman- fires an additional two arrows during the first attack in the attack sequence

Stone Tribe Caveman- extra defense

Molotov Caveman- extra attack

Dino Caveman- slower speed, extra health

Pirate Cloud Caveman- 20% chance of blinding enemies when attacking

Hot Air Caveman- 10% chance of instant an enemy that is attacking from behind

Canopy Caveman- leaves behind rotten fruit bombs that explode when enemies get near them every 60 seconds

Chocolate Caveman- faster speed, 15% chance of freezing enemies when attacking

Dirk Valentine

This ranged attacking soldier can entangle and slow down nearby enemies with chains so that he can better focus on explosive ranged target takedowns.

Green Valentine- higher attack

Blue Valentine- higher health

Orange Valentine- higher speed

Plunger Valentine- reduces not only speed but defense of nearby enemies

Cactus Valentine- can extract enemy HP points to heal himself when he gets critical hits on them

Castle Corp. Knight

With an arsenal of medieval products such as the Castle Corp's patented spear for close quarters, jet pack for speed, sword cannon for range attacks, and power bomb for area damage, this combatant is the pinnacle of battlefield domination as he can attack enemies at all ranges.

Blast RPG Corp. Knight- faster speed

Spartan Corp. Knight- higher attack

Tiny Corp. Knight- lower attack, higher chance of critical attacks

Turnament Corp. Knight- higher defense

Trap Corp. Knight- has a 30% chance of trapping enemies when attacking

Wizard Corp. Knight- higher health, attacks will deteriorate an enemy's defense so that they take more damage from the next hit

Barbarian Corp. Knight- higher health, higher attack, slower speed


With his newly upgraded gloves, Kapowski can deliver energy-charged punches and create energy fields for high defense.

CEO Kapowski- slower speed, higher defense

Scientist Kapowski- higher attack

Cuboy Academy Kapowski- faster speed, lower attack

Inventor Kapowski- higher health

Gauntlet Kapowski- higher attack, slower speed

Rubber Glove Kapowski- enemy crits have a 50% chance to bounce off and do nothing

Mech Glove Kapowski- lower defense, area damage


Hefting a giant hammer, this horned-helmet wearing warrior deals area damage and drops bombs behind him every sixty seconds.

Henchman Viking- higher defense, slower speed

Pirate Viking- higher speed, dropped bombs deal more damage

Chief Viking- slower speed, higher attack

Mallet Mania Viking- faster speed

Slayer Viking- higher health, lower defense


Every character has a power attack and a super attack. Power attacks require you to have at least one star filled in the star meter. The star meter has five stars in it that fill up as you attack and defeat opponents. The star meter can also be filled up by collecting star power-ups from star crates. Super attacks require five stars to be filled in the star meter.

Each character also has an attack sequence. This is a sequence of regular attacks that are carried out by the character. There are five attacks in each sequence, each attack dealing more damage than the previous one. Once the character has completed the sequence, they will repeat it if the player continues to control the character to attack. If a player stops controlling the character to attack during a sequence, the sequence will stop after three seconds. If within those three seconds the player attacks again, the character will execute the next attack in the sequence. If not, they will simply restart the sequence from the beginning.

The higher up you go in the attack sequence, the higher the chance of critical damage being dealt increases.


1st attack-10% chance of critical damage

2nd attack-20% chance of crit damage

3rd attack-30% chance of crit damage

4th attack-35% chance of crit damage

5th attack-40% chance of crit damage

Area damage is also a factor to consider. Area damage is when an attack (usually ranged) spreads damage over an area represented by a shockwave going out in a circle. Any enemy within that circle will be damaged. The closer they are to the center, the more likely they will be dealt critical damage.


Different crates hold different items. Treasure crates hold coins. Star crates hold stars. Health crates hold food to restore your health. Some crates are empty and only serve as barriers. Other crates may hold small enemies inside for you to defeat.