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Swindler is a young teenage boy. He has green skin and wears a black mask that covers his face. His eyes are white. He has a slight curl on the top of his head.


  • Kapowski- Swindler is Kapowski's friend, but their different views on social interactions can sometimes cause arguments between the two. Nonetheless, Swindler supports Kapowski in just about everything, especially Kapowski's love life.
  • Snow- Swindler is Snow's friend. Swindler is always ready to help Snow to help others, usually being one of the first to step up to help.
  • Licorice- Swindler is Licorice's boyfriend. They spend quite a bit of time together, but like any couple they have moments where they have disagreements.
  • Blue- Swindler is Blue's friend, though the two don't get too much interaction, they typically get along when they do.
  • Rex209- Swindler is Rex209's friend, but Swindler sometimes feels uncomfortable around Rex's complicated technology. At times he tries to exploit her database to help him with projects.


Swindler is a main character and first appeared in episode one 'Zapo'd by Cupid's Arrow'. He has appeared in most episodes since then, except for episode six of season two when the main characters were replaced with the Nitrome Fan-Fiction Wikian team.

Swindler is on the basketball team and is the captain of the basketball team. His swift footwork and ball-handling skills earned him the nickname of 'The Swift Swindler'. He takes his sports very seriously as shown in episode fifteen of season one when he argues to Kapowski that sports are more important than academics. This being said, Swindler is not the brightest student and receives poor grades. He usually gets someone like Kapowski to help him with difficult projects.

Swindler is physically fit and can hold his own in a fight, as shown on several occasions. He only has difficulty fighting overwhelming opponents such as Hallbert. Swindler does however doubt his abilities sometimes, showing him to be a humble character. On the other hand, he also enjoys having things his way and can get whiny when he doesn't, as seen in episode thirteen of season two, 'Back In Those Days...'.

Swindler's favorite food is tacos.

Swindler is very supportive of his friends in most situations and encourages them in any way he can. He has inspired other characters to do great things, such as Billy getting physically fit, Kapowski asking out Snow, and Guillermo facing his fear of crowds.