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Chilly the Angel
Chilly Big
Gender Male
Species Icy Kitty Angel
Faction Good
Health Indestructible
Level Not on Games
Status Alive, on his Igloo
Game(s) None

Chilly is an little cat angel that has the ability to freeze anything with his blow or with his arrow, and when he starts flapping his wings really fast, snow comes of his wings. He lives on a igloo on the left side of my house. Also can call any cloud to fly on. He is very cool (literally!). His native home was indeed Mount Nevereverest.

Despite being an Icy Angel, Chilly can play and freeze at Summer, but at this season his powers become more weak. He also have all powers in Autumn and Spring, but he's all powerful just on Winter.

His favorite holiday is obviously Christmas, as he can win gifts and throw snowballs, and freezing lot of stuff to use how decorations, and also, eating lots of food in the Christmas Dinner.

He's also prankish, and likes to freeze stuff (mainly enemies like furry creatures). In his igloo, he haves lots of frozen evil Frost Bite enemies how statues. However, he respects the good creatures (sometimes).

Physical Appearance

Chilly 2

Before 25, May 2012 Chilly had a poor design, being an angel with tiger stripes painted blue. After this, he now has an Jack Frost inspired colour, most resembling ice.


He haves allergy for any kind of pepper, so he can't eat pepper or any other things that have pepper how ingredient. If concatc with pepper is made, he can be without his powers for 1 day to 1 week, depending how contact was made.

Also, can't freeze anything that haves fire, including enemies or items, since he's weak to fire.

His Igloo

Carter and Bennet Fountain

Since it can be dangerous him living inside a normal house, since he can freeze it all, Chilly haves his own igloo to live. It never melts, cause Chilly is constantly there, making it always cold. It haves the size of a house.

In most of the cozy, it haves "stuff" that looks like statues but indeed are real frozen characters from Nitrome Games, like enemies or main characters.


Old Version Gallery

All images of him made before May 25th, 2012. These images might not be used anywhere besides here.