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Gender Female
Species Robot dragon
Faction Good
Status Alive

DEFECT (real name unknown) is a character made by RustedRusher4455, and is one of his alternate universe's main characters. She is, as her name implies, a rejected model for a powerful robot dragon by the organization CLAW.


DEFECT looks like a dragon from Castle Corp, but with some alterations. She has 3 eyes, the middle one is cyan and the others are red. With the exception of her eyes, all of her colors are sepia, and some areas where the maker of this character felt that the sprite looked "unfinished", parts were added.

Technically, the sprite and description aren't quite what she looks like. I might do I more accurate drawing. This is just the most accurate thing I could make.


DEFECT is surprisingly friendly for a mechanical dragon made by evil creators. She does, however, get angered easily. DEFECT is also a nature lover. She does not get along with Rusted Rusher well, given how their creators interacted.


CLAW created a type of weapon. A very powerful robot dragon model. A test for the concept was built, but was abandoned. This was DEFECT. Less faulty models were created, and then were used. Another evil military organization wanted this power. The two got into a war. The destruction of this war only left a few things surviving. DEFECT was among the surviving things, as well as Rusted Rusher, who was created by the other organization. She currently lives in the forest from Small Fry.



  • Her name is always capitalized for some reason.
    • Another fact about her name, she might change it herself at some point.