Demon Studios
Demon must die
In Demon Must Die

Demon studios O DMD
In Oodlegobs: Demon Must Die

Ruler Satan
Location In the same city Xeno industries is in
Inhabitants Demon Staff
Status Website:
Does exist


Game Demon Must Die
Oodlegobs: Demon Must Die
Demon Studios is a Company and Building of Videos Demons and Come to Satan, Snips,Snails and Sunset Shimmer.

Videos and Series TV


  • The Demon Studios website is based on Youtube.
  • The tower's windows in DMD and O: DMD aren't seen inside the building so the windows might be fake.
  • In TV Series as Littlest Petshop 2: Aventure in Nitro City Littlest Petshop 2: Aventure in Nitro City This Close Devilest Petshop and Far from the House's Jesus and Of Littlest Petshop.