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The time has come for the ultimate struggle between Pirates and Ninjas to begin. Who will you choose?


The following controls are for the PFC system.

Left Control Stick- movement

L or R- jump

A- Primary Attack

1- First Ability

B- Second Ability

ZL- Third Ability

ZR- action

Flick C-Stick up- first taunt

Flick C-Stick down- second taunt

Flick C-Stick to either side- third taunt


There are several different modes to play in Final Mutiny: PvN.

Crew vs. Clan

This mode consists of a battle on a map in which twelve players are on each team and they battle each other for kills. The first team to accumulate 50 kills wins the match.

Ships and Dojos

In this mode, the Pirates attempt to capture the Ninja Dojos throughout the map while the Ninjas try to protect it within an allotted time constraint.

This mode involves a random player being assigned as 'Banner Carrier' and they must deliver three banners to the opposing team's base. Not only will their team have to ensure they safely get to the base, but they will also have to protect their base from the other team's banner carriers!

If a banner carrier dies, a new player is assigned as banner carrier in order to mix things up.

Protect the Ship!

This mode involves a team of five pirates protecting their pirate ship from the oncoming NPC Ninja enemies. Players can not respawn in this mode and must be revived by a teammate for the sake of protecting the ship! There are ten total waves to play through, and a big boss fight on the final wave! There are several difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insanity!

Protect the Dojo!

This mode involves a team of five ninjas protecting their dojo from the oncoming NPC Pirate enemies. Players can not respawn in this mode and must be revived by a teammate for the sake of protecting the dojo! There are ten total waves to play through, and a big boss fight on the final wave! There are several difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insanity!

Double Agent Mode

Four players on the team of twelve are randomly chosen to be the double agents. They must attempt to defeat the other eight team members without being killed while the other eight team members have to try and figure out who the double agents are! While all of that is going on, they also have to defeat the randomly-generated enemies (Pirates or Ninjas, depending on who you are playing as).

Predator vs. Prey

In this mode, twelve players are assigned to each team. The catch is, each person is assigned to kill one opponent specifically. At the same time as trying to hunt down their target, players must watch their backs for an opponent that was assigned to hunt them!


These are the different characters that can be played as in the game.


Buccaneer- The buccaneer specializes in close-combat and brings his cutlass and mastery of sword fighting onto the battlefield.


Left Click: Cutlass Swing- a wide arching attack with no reloading required!

Scroll Click: Anchor Toss- a heavy attack with a short range but powerful amounts of damage.

Right Click: Sword Spin- ten whole seconds of cyclonic blade attacks and maneuvers!

Space Bar: Double Cutlass- whip out a second cutlass and deal double the damage for fifteen sword swings!

Corsair- The corsair is the shock trooper of the Pirate Crew. His attacks rely more on range as he arms himself with his pistol and a few other surprises!


Left Click: Pistol Shot- a medium-range attack, the pistol needs to be reloaded frequently after every ten shots

Scroll Click: Crate Drop- drop a crate in front of you for use as a barricade or a shield in times of need

Right Click: Dynamite- an explosive attack with wide area damage, the dynamite can take out several enemies when they are clustered in a group

Space Bar: Boulder Roll- roll a massive boulder at your enemies to crush them into submission; great for use on stairways and small passages!

Freebooter- The designated sniper class of the Pirates, the Freebooter can fire his Blunder buss from a long range for astounding takedowns and can also fire at close range for a shotgun spread attack!


Left Click: Blunderbuss Blast- One projectile goes long-range straight ahead for sniper attacks, while the remaining grape shots spread out for a short range knockout! Reloaded every thirty shots.

Scroll Click: Cherry Bomb- a small explosive that can do great amounts of damage at short range

Right Click: Gunpowder Barrel- set one of these down in a secluded area and wait for an enemy to come near it; when they least expect it, detonate the barrel for a sneaky kill!

Space Bar: Pieces of Eight- eight explosives thrown out will lie in wait on the ground until a careless opponent walks over one of them--it's a cluster bomb mixed with a mine!

Grenadier- The grenadier, being the Bomber for the Pirates, works most with explosives to deal massive area damage to several opponents at a time.


Left Click: Cannon Ball- firing a powerful, round projectile from his mini-cannon can deal great amounts of damage, but it has to be reloaded every five shots.

Scroll Click: Rum Bottle- lob one of these bad boys at an enemy to deal fire damage as well as area damage; extremely effective on groups of enemies!

Right Click: Banana Bomb- hurl a banana bomb in the direction of your opponent, wait for it to bounce real nice and close, and then detonate it! They won't know what hit them!

Space Bar: Mine Drop- lay down a mine that will explode as soon as an enemy steps on it; recommended for use on stairways and around corners.

Witchdoctor- The medic of the pirates, the witchdoctor is fastest at reviving fallen pirates and also has special abilities for healing injured allies!


Left Click: Magic Blast- a medium-range projectile that can deal damage over time due to its magical qualities; requires reloading every twenty five shots

Scroll Click: Voodoo Doll- get close enough to an enemy and use the voodoo doll to curse them. The next time you or one of your allies gets killed, so will they! Revenge! Also, if you use the Voodoo Doll on an ally, they will be healed to full health!

Right Click: Tidal Wave- blast a tidal wave forwards to take out enemies, especially large groups of enemies! *Note- is not as big as the Tidal Wave from Mutiny, has been dramatically shrunken down so it is not overpowered.

Space Bar: Seagull Summon- summon a seagull and take flight from the seagull's perspective in order to bomb opponents from above; use ability in a safe zone so you are not killed while flying the Seagull.


Samurai- A seasoned warrior and master in the art of karate and katana-fighting, the close-combat fighter of the Ninjas.


Left Click: Katana Hack- a wild sword swing attack with no reloading required!

Scroll Click: Katanacopter- a spinning katana attack that lasts ten seconds, it cuts down all enemies in your way!

Right Click: Nun-chuck Attack- a heavy attack guaranteed to deal great amounts of damage at close-range.

Space Bar: Cyber Samurai Sword- This special sword can deflect enemy projectiles when the swing is timed right, and also deal double damage to enemies for fifteen swings.

Sensei- Shock trooper sensei warriors attack with shurikens (ninja stars) and a Bo Staff.


Left Click: Shuriken Shot- medium-range projectiles deal decent damage to enemies; no reloading is needed, but firing the weapon too much can result in the sensei's arms tiring and being unable to throw shurikens for a short time.

Scroll Click: Ninja Rope- this ability has many uses--it can be used to grapple onto buildings to get to higher ground, or you could use it to reel in enemies for close-range damage.

Right Click: Stealth Suit- the stealth suit will allow you to stay hidden for a short time, and if any enemy attacks or projectiles hit you while using this ability, they will be reflected back at the enemy to deal damage to them!

Space Bar: Bo Staff Spin- a whirling close-combat attack that can deflect projectiles and deal decent damage.

Assassin- The ninja assassin is the sniper of the ninja team and can use his blowdarts to attack from long range or to put opponents to sleep.


Left Click: Blowdart Barrage- the blowdarts pipe can fire blowdarts at long range to snipe enemies; needs to be reloaded every fifteen shots

Scroll Click: Smoke Bomb- this special explosive not only deals area damage, but creates a smoke cloud that can deal damage over time to pirates and can hide you from sight for a quick getaway or a swift takedown.

Right Click: Rope Snare- a clever trap that can ensnare opponents that step on it, they will be helpless as you close in for the kill; recommended use on stairways or around corners

Space Bar: Sleep Dart Blast- these special darts can slow enemies down and prevent them from using their special abilities; fifteen ammo

Artillery Fighter- the fieriest of the ninja clan, the artillery fighter is the Bomber for the ninjas and utilizes explosives to deal area damage.


Left Click: Ninja Dagger Fire- a fast-paced medium-range projectile attack; needs to be reloaded every thirty shots

Scroll Click: Incendiary Grenade- a special explosive that can deal fire damage to opponents within range; great for use on groups of enemies!

Right Click: Sushi Bomb- appears to be a harmless, yummy meal, but in reality is a spice bomb waiting to be stepped on by an unexpecting pirate to send them sky-high.

Space Bar: Drobe Mine- take control of a Drobe Mine and send it crashing into an opponent to blow them up; recommended use in a safe zone so you are not killed while controlling the Drobe Mine.

Cleric- The cleric is the Ninja's Medic; he heals allies and also uses special magic to move around undetected.


Left Click: Cyber Blast- blast green orbs from a Cyber Gun with unlimited ammo, but will overheat if you fire it too much and will then require cooldown time.

Scroll Click: Healing Potion- drop a special potion near injured ninjas to heal them back to full health!

Right Click: Shadow Teleport- warp a good distance forward to avoid enemy attacks or get behind enemy lines undetected!

Space Bar: Force Field Generator- lay down this device to create a force field for use as a shield or barricade



Dr. Boshi's Base

Takeshi's Garden

Akuma's Skyscraper




The Docks

Boom Boom Beach

The Galleon

Ninja Village

Forest Village

Cruise Ship


Banzai Forest

Dojo Ruins


Each character has three special abilities used by pressing the space bar, right clicking, or scroll clicking. However, these abilities can not be used all willy-nilly. Abilities require forty-five seconds to reload after use. Some abilities, such as the Crate Drop, Gunpowder Barrel, and Force Field Generator, can be used two or three times before entering cooldown. Other abilities, such as Gunpowder Barrel and Banana Bomb, will only enter cooldown after being detonated. The Voodoo Doll ability will not enter cooldown until the cursed enemy has died. The Seagull Summon and Drobe Mine abilities allow the player to take the perspective of the respective items in order for them to accurately attack enemies.

Special Items

During the Protect the Ship, Protect the Dojo, and Ships and Dojos modes of the game, there are stations located around the map where you can position special items. These special items are acquired by earning points through achievements, kills, and wins in any mode of the game. Special Items do have health and can be destroyed by the opposing team. The special items can then be used at the stations in the modes mentioned above. These are the items for the Crew and for the Clan:

Ninja Items

Shuriken Shooter- a turret that fires shurikens at enemies

Rope Launcher- a turret that fires ninja ropes to entangle and slow down enemies

Sei Juggler- a turret that throws seis (ninja daggers) at enemies

Scroll Holder- a stationed object that holds magic scrolls that will heal nearby allies

Tonic Cauldron- a stationed object that contains healing tonic that heals nearby allies

Nun-chuck Spinner- a stationary object that spins nun-chucks around that will harm nearby enemies

Bo-Staff Twirler- a stationary object that spins a bo-staff around that will harm nearby enemies

Katana Twister- a stationary object that spins a katana around that will harm nearby enemies

Kunai Launcher- a turret that throws kunai blades at enemies

Acid-Tube- a turret that squirts acid a short distance to deal damage to nearby enemies over time

Trainee Ninja- a rookie ninja that can be summoned to help fight; he is slow and inexperienced, but can still help fight for the cause

Black Belt- an experienced ninja that can be summoned to help fight; he has an average speed and deals decent damage, but, like most summoned Special Items, has generally low health

Karate Master- a martial arts fighter with decent speed; deals lots of melee damage

Forest Ninja- a ninja attuned to the power of nature; throws Leaf Spears and can spin in a tornado, but has a slow speed and low health

Water Ninja- a ninja with water powers; fights with water stakes and can heal nearby allies; average speed and low health

Fire Ninja- a ninja possessing fire powers; fights with a Fire Sword, deals great damage but has a slow speed and low health

Lightning Ninja- a ninja that uses storm powers; fights with a Lightning Staff; fast speed but has low health

Shadow Ninja- a ninja with the power to teleport short distances; average speed, average health, deals little damage

Pirate Items

Cannon- a turret that fires cannon balls at enemies

Chain Shot- a turret that fires chain shots at enemies to damage, entangle, and slow down enemies

Anchor Crossbow- a turret that fires bullets at enemies; looks like an anchor

Fire Cannon- a turret that fires flaming cannon balls to deal fire damage to enemies

Lightning Cannon- a turret that fires electric cannon balls at enemies with a 25% chance of stunning them upon impact

Explosive Cannon- a turret that fires explosive cannon balls to deal area damage to enemies

Grape Shot- a turret that fires several small cannon balls for a shotgun blast attack at enemies

Treasure Chest- a stationary object that heals nearby allies

Voodoo Talisman- a stationary object that steal health from nearby enemies and then heals nearby allies

Privateer- an inexperienced pirate armed with a dagger; slow speed and low health

Looter- an experienced pirate armed with a sword; slow speed and low health, does decent damage

Cabin Boy- a small pirate that deals little damage but is very fast; low health, armed with a mop

Monkey- a small ape that moves quickly and throws banana peels

Parrot- a bird that flies above enemies and drops rocks on them; low health, average speed

Ravager- a seasoned pirate armed with a set of grenades; deals area damage, slow speed and low health

Plunderer- a fast pirate armed with a small knife; low health, but can 'pickpocket' nearby enemies to give you extra gold and points

Raider- a fast pirate armed with a knife; can throw bottles that explode and spray poison gas in the area

Captain- an expert pirate armed with a large cutlass and a pistol; average health, decent damage, slow speed

Customizable Items

Ninja Customizables


Sensei Hat

Batting Helmet

Fanatic Hat

Knight Helmet

Parasite Hat

Cardboard Box

Bowler Hat

Dunce Cap

Party Hat


Bike Helmet


Fruit Hat

Balloon Hat

Sun Hat

Top Hat

Neon Sign Hat

Bird Cage


Sousaphone Hat

Jester Cap

Stack of Textbooks

Shower Cap

Jack o' Lantern

Santa Hat

Coonskin Hat

Frying Pan


Pizza Pie

Disco Ball


Ninja Mask

Fire Mask

Forest Mask

Water Mask

Lightning Mask

Shadow Mask

Cyber Sunglasses

Nerd Glasses

Springy Eyeball Glasses

Swimming Goggles

3D Glasses

Cyborg Eye

Bubble Wand Glasses

Tanning Bed Goggles

Giant Sunglasses

Shuriken Glasses

Opera Glasses

Night Vision Goggles

Futuristic Visor

Spiky Glasses

Aviator Goggles

Burger Bun Goggles


Tortilla Chips

Golf Balls

Bug Eye Goggles

Porthole Glasses

Ice Crystals

Candy Cane Glasses

Safety Goggles


Fire Suit

Forest Suit

Water Suit

Lightning Suit

Shadow Suit


Santa Suit

Elf Suit

Cardboard Suit

White Suit

Eskimo Suit

Pizza Delivery Suit

Stony Suit

Jump Suit

Fireman Suit

Policeman Suit

Vacation Suit

Video Suit

Hazmat Suit

Deck of Cards

Camo Suit

Metal Suit

Wood Suit

Porcelain Suit


Mercenary Suit

Fish Scale Suit

Jester Suit

Knight Armor

Hamster Ball


Ninja Sash

Black Belt

Grappling Hook

White Belt

Blue Belt

Green Belt

Yellow Belt

Brown Belt

Orange Belt

Purple Belt

Gift Ribbon

Sleigh Bells

Extension Cord

Sherriff Belt

Sausage Link


Broken Seatbelt

Climbing Harness

Garden Hose



Duct Tape

Jungle Vine

Bungee Cord

Hula Hoop

Cuboy Belt

Sumo Sash

Shrimp Belt

Animal Print Belt

Measuring Tape

Weapon Accessories

Zebra Stripe


Neon Lights

Tiger Stripe

Camo Paint


Void Darkness



Supernova Bright

Pirate Customizables


Big Hat

Red Bandana

Blue Bandana

Rainbow Bandana

English Navy Hat

Captain Hat

Tri-Corner Hat

Goblet Hat

Golden Crown

Squid Hat

Baseball Cap

Hammerhead Shark Head

Crab Hat

Native Headdress

Propeller Cap

Ship in a Bottle

Barrel Hat

Smelly Fish

Ship Helm Hat

Knit Hat

Crow's Nest

Spyglass Hat

Racing Helmet

Arrow Hat

Skull Hat

Smoking Hat

Seaweed Headband

Pilgrim Hat

Viking Helmet

Cat Ears


Clown Makeup


Peg Leg


Double Eye Patches

Double Hook Hands

Double Peg Legs

Monkey Tail

Ball 'n' Chain

Hook Hand

Skull Face Paint

Parrot Decoration

Eye Patch

Rope Belt

Pirate Belt

Seaweed Belt

Jellyfish Decoration

Octopus Decoration

Tentacle Belt

Clam Glasses

Gold Coins

Belt of Keys

Ruby Goggles

Diamond Goggles

Sapphire Goggles

Emerald Goggles

Silver Buckle Belt

Yarn Belt

Tankard Goggles

Monkey Decoration

Facial Hair/Hair Styles



Handlebar Moustache

Braided Beard

Gray Beard

Beaded Braids


Frozen Stache

Bushy Beard

Nordic Blonde



Rope Braids



Rockstar Hair




Bowl Haircut



Horseshoe Moustache

Big Bangs

Trinket Braids



Flaming Red

Red Dye

Blue Dye



Golden Stud Earrings

Golden Hoop Earrings

Golden Chain

Silver Chain

Gold Piercings

Silver Piercings

Gold Nose Ring

Silver Nose Ring

Sapphire Earrings

Emerald Earrings

Ruby Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Necklace

Golden Bracelet

Rope Necklace

Compass Necklace

Compass Bracelet

Golden Wristwatch

Silver Wristwatch

Bedazzled Scabbard

Bedazzled Holster

Bedazzled Belt Buckle

Mega Diamond Ring

Mega Ruby Ring

Mega Sapphire Ring

Ten Wristwatches

Ten Bracelets


Dice Necklace

Weapon Accessories

Ocean Blue











(to be added later)


These are the enemies encountered in the Protect the Ship, Protect the Dojo, and Double Agent Modes.

Ninja Enemies

Trainee Ninja

Black Belt

Forest Ninja

Water Ninja

Fire Ninja

Lightning Ninja

Shadow Ninja

Karate Master

NPC Samurai

NPC Sensei

NPC Assassin

NPC Artillery Fighter

NPC Cleric

Cyber Guard

Cyber Samurai

Pirate Enemies



Cabin Boy







NPC Buccaneer

NPC Corsair

NPC Freebooter

NPC Grenadier

NPC Witchdoctor

Character Variations

These character variations have special looks and abilities. They are earned by winning up to a certain number of games.


Cyber Samurai- deals more damage; looks like a Cyber Samurai

Star Samurai- higher defense; looks like a Jedi

Spiked Samurai- enemy close combat attacks deal some damage to the attacker; has spiked armor

Fire Samurai- deals fire damage, higher speed; has flaming armor and a flaming sword

Dark Samurai- damage the player takes heals an ally the same amount; wears black armor


Reptilian Sensei- faster speed; has scaly green skin

Mountain Sensei- ninja rope has longer range; possesses climbing gear

Snow Sensei- primary attack has a 25% chance of freezing enemies; wearing an eskimo suit

Garden Sensei- higher health; wears a sunhat and garden gloves

Winged Sensei- jumps higher; has feathery white wings


Poison Assassin- attacks deal poison damage; wears a gas mask, has a green cloud around him

Fire Assassin- deals fire damage; wears a flaming red suit

Hired Gun- carries more ammo; wears a utility belt

Mercenary- faster firing rate, faster reload time; wears a Mercenary helmet (from Test Subject series)

Cyborg Assassin- deals more damage; has several metal parts on his body

Artillery Fighter

Fire Bomber- bombs deal fire damage/ more fire damage

Sticky Bomber- bombs have a chance of sticking to enemies

Shock Bomber- bombs deal electric damage

Chef Bomber- bombs deal more splash damage

Portal Bomber- bombs will teleport closer to the nearest enemy


Toxic Cleric- deals poison damage to enemies

Sentinel Cleric- force field generators produce larger shields

Cleric Unit- more critical damage with direct hits

Dr. Ninja- heals and revives more quickly

Springy Cleric- faster movement speed


Thieving Buccaneer

Sneaky Buccaneer

Space Buccaneer

Armored Buccaneer

Brutal Buccaneer


Arctic Corsair

Camo Corsair

Desert Corsair

Miner Corsair

Bulky Corsair


Island Freebooter

Tavern Freebooter

Zombie Freebooter

Magazine Freebooter

Golden Freebooter


Flaming Grenadier

Smoky Grenadier

Stealthy Grenadier

Woozy Grenadier

Fruity Grenadier


Venomous Witchdoctor

Rapid Witchdoctor

Magic Witchdoctor

Doctor Witch

Vengeful Witchdoctor


Achievements increase your score by giving you more points. In turn, these points can be used to get special items. Achievements are listed below:

Player Vanquish- 50

Special Item Vanquish- 10

Destroyed Special Item- 10

Destroyed Rope Snare- 10

Destroyed Force Field Generator- 10

Destroyed Drobe Mine- 10

Destroyed Seagull- 10

Destroyed Mine- 10

Destroyed Crate- 10

Destroyed Gunpowder Barrel- 10

Destroyed Piece of Eight- 10

Destroyed Banana Bomb- 10

Assist- 25

Revenge- 50

Avenged a Friend- 25

Saved a Friend- 25

Status Assist- 25

Trap Assist- 25

Critical Vanquish- 30

Win- 500

Capturing Dojo- 100

Defending Dojo- 100

Banner Delivered- 50

Prevented Banner Delivery- 50

Boss Vanquish- 500

Protected Ship- 250

Protected Dojo- 250

Revived a Friend- 20

Healing a Friend- 10

Vanquished Nemesis- 50

Double Agent Vanquished- 50

Adversary Vanquished- 50

Multi-Vanquish- 20

Vanquished Target- 50

Vanquished Pursuer- 30

Vanquish Streak x2- 50

Vanquish Streak x3- 100

Vanquish Streak x4- 150

Vanquish Streak x5- 200

Vanquish Streak x6- 250

Vanquish Streak x7- 300

Vanquish Streak x8- 350

Vanquish Streak x9- 400

Vanquish Streak x10+- 500


This is a list of downloadable content for the game.

Plunderin' Pack

Ice Cannon- a turret that freezes enemies with icy cannon balls

Venom Cannon- a turret that deals poison damage to enemies with venomous cannon balls

Helm Blaster- a rapid-fire turret that fires wooden bullets

Stealthy Stuff Pack

Chain n' Sickle- a stationary object that rapidly spins to hit nearby enemies

Rapid Blowgun- a turret that fires darts extremely quickly at enemies

Caltrop Slinger- a turret that launches caltrops at enemies

Seven Seas Pack

Splunder- a turret (it's a Squid) that squirts ink at opponents to slow them down and deal small amounts of damage

Crab Grabber- a stationary object that latches a crab onto nearby enemies; the crab will hold onto the opponent and deal damage until the opponent shakes them off by running around, or until the opponent dies

Shark Shooter- a turret (it's a Shark) that spits rapid-fire shark teeth at opponents to deal damage to them

Parachute Bomb- a special ability that can be toggled out with one of a pirate character's default abilities; drops a parachute bomb on a targeted point, great for use at long-range

Young Grasshopper Pack

Vaulting Pole- a special ability that can be toggled out with one of a ninja character's default abilities; launches a ninja high into the air, great for reaching higher ground and higher vantage points

Cyber Turret- a turret that fires cyber blasts at opponents to deal damage

Sentinel Robot- a turret that fires rapid-fire cyber blasts at opponents to deal damage and also has increased defense due to its force field

Cutting Laser- a turret that fires cutting laser beams at enemies to deal great amounts of damage