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Delilah falls into the dungeon and meets the Shadows. The shadows tell her about the exit, and she goes there, only to have it revealed to be a trick. A demon, Nuk'draar, reveals that he is the life essence of the dungeon and that he cannot allow her to leave. He uses magic to transform Delilah into a shadow and then sends her deep down into the dungeon. She finds more Shadows who tell her about the four magic mirrors that are around the dungeon that she can use to regain her true form; they warn her that it is very dangerous. She made her way through the chambers of the dungeon and collected the Magic Mirrors of Body, Heart, Spirit, and, after fighting the Demon Champion Almites, the Magic Mirror of Shadow.

She regained her original form. On her way back to the shadow chamber, Nuk'draar attacked her, shattered the Mirror of Spirit, and left her to die. The Mirror of Spirit manifested into a form known as Ebony. Ebony healed Delilah and helped Delilah back to the chamber of shadows. Once she returned, she realized that she could now use dark magic and control or summon shadows using the Mirror of Shadow's power. Using this, she started to make her way out of the dungeon. She made it to the eighth layer of the dungeon, having been cast into the ninth and final layer.

Here she finds Bacari, a veteran of the dungeon and master of the dagger, cornered in a chamber by many demons. She and Ebony help him escape, and he agrees to join them. On their way through the eight layer they also find Shadira, a girl cursed by Nuk'draar and turned into a monstrous shadow beast. Ebony heals Shadira, but Nuk'draar's curse is too strong, and so she is only able to reverse the curse partially; Shadira returns to her human form but finds that she can become a beast anytime she wants. She joins them and they make their way to the seventh layer, only to be blocked by a powerful demon called Beely Bob. Beely Bob reveals that he was summoned by Nuk'draar from the depths of hell itself. After defeating Beely Bob, they make their way to the seventh level. While in the seventh layer, they find that the demons and monsters are getting more powerful.

Suddenly, they are ambushed and Shadira is captured. They go to save her and find that a brave warrior called Belicus saved her, and Shadira introduces him as her brother. Belicus joins their group so that he can help them leave the dungeon. In this dungeon they fight Mammoth, who then tells them that the road ahead holds many more perils for them. They go to the sixth layer where they are all suddenly afflicted with strange hallucinations and become separated. Delilah and Ebony find themselves trapped in a tomb with ancient writings on the walls. They make their way out of the tomb and head back to the entrance to the sixth layer. Shadira finds herself in an arena of demons. After fighting all of the demons, she earns her freedom from the arena and meets back at the entrance. Bacari and Belicus wake up in what seems to be a desolate and abandoned building. They make their way back to the entrance and meet the others there.

They begin to make their way through the sixth layer and find a prisoner who has been mutilated and is nearly dead. He warns them of the Damned Ones and asks them to find and kill all the Damned Ones in the sixth layer. His neck is suddenly snapped and he dies, and then an invisible Damned One appears and they all fight it. They continue through the sixth layer and they kill all the Damned Ones. The prisoner's ghost appears to them and thanks them for fulfilling his last request and bestows upon them a special gift: The Mirror of Reality. The artifact allows them to see Damned Ones without having to look for strange occurrences in the environment; though such things will still alert them to the monster's presence, and the monster itself is still not easy to find, they can now see the monster itself. This also allows them to see a hidden stat: Evilness. They can now see the evilness in themselves and now understand that Nuk'draar's minions are actually manipulating this evil in certain ways to increase their power. They thank the prisoner's ghost and he departs.

They continue through the sixth layer and fight the demon Azmo. Azmo realizes that they know about evilness and sends a message to Nuk'draar about it. She is defeated and the heroes continue to the fifth layer. They journey through the fifth layer and soon reach Levi Ethan. He does not speak to them, only attacking. They defeat him and go to the fourth layer.

In the fourth layer they find another shadow chamber. The shadows there have been placed under martial law. Delilah and the others defeat the demons there and the shadows thank them by telling them about Camaraderie. They proceed to fight Pazu and ascend to the third layer. In the third layer they fight Belphegorge, who tries multiple times throughout the third layer to discourage them from continuing. They reach the second layer and they fight Cypher, who warns them to turn back now or face eternal damnation. They defeat Cypher and get to the first layer. Nuk'draar unleashes his full power on them, sending his strongest minions at the heroes. They push through all of his trials and soon reach the exit, where he is located. He fights against them going through three phases until finally being defeated. The heroes then exit the dungeon and live happily ever after.


The following controls are for the Fuego Handheld.

Control Pad- movement; in the overworld and during battle sequence

A- interact with object; select button on battle menus

B- summon shadow

Y- jump

X- View Inventory

1- Switch control to Shadow

ZR- Dodge

ZL- Hold down while moving to run

Start- Pause

Game Modes

Normal Mode

In normal mode, characters that fall in battle come back after the battle ends, unless killed with an execution attack, in which case the player must go to the Soul Chamber to get them back in the party.

In Normal Mode, there are two possible endings.

The Normal Ending is attained by playing through the game normally and not killing all of the Damned Ones. In the Normal Ending, the five heroes escape the dungeon and return to their homes in Barcelona.

The Paradise Ending is attained by playing through the game normally and killing all of the Damned Ones. In the Paradise Ending, the five heroes return to Barcelona to find it purged of all of its evils, having no crime or poverty.

Pure Evil Mode

In this mode, characters that fall in battle are dead for good. If a character dies, a Shadow will replace them in all battles, but the shadows cannot use the fallen character's moves and are a bit weaker. In this mode, less enemies have execution attacks, but the bosses are more difficult.

The Normal Ending in Pure Evil mode is attained by not letting any party members die and defeating all of the Damned Ones in addition to the regular bosses. In this ending, the heroes return to their homes and the ending is extended to show what happened to them afterwards.

The Hellfire Ending is attained when one or more party members dies and all of the Damned Ones are killed in addition to the regular bosses. In this ending the remaining heroes return to Barcelona to find that it has been overrun by demons and monsters; having made a pact with Nuk'draar, they will not be harmed by the monsters, but they cannot do anything about it either.



Profile: A young girl who fell into the dungeon and then turned into a shadow. Upon regaining her original form, she found that she could use the magic mirrors she has to use dark magic and even summon spirits to help her. Her greatest desire is to be back in her home in Barcelona.


Gem Flash- A glowing gem is used to blind the enemy and lowers their Defense and Endurance.

Cape Twirl- Enemy magic attacks are reflected back at them.

Glide Attack- Makes the opponent's next attack miss and then hits them from above.

Shadow Transformation- Delilah transforms into a Shadow; it increases her Attack and Giftedness

Shadow Slash- A slashing attack using dark magic.

Shadow Tackle- Delilah summons a Shadow that tackles the opponent.

Dark Strangle- A purple cloud of dark shadows closes around the victim's throat and strangles them.

Seductive Dance- Delilah dances seductively, decreasing the opponent's Attack and Defense.

Pyramid Kick- Delilah spins around and kicks on all sides.

Gem Absorb- A shadowy gem is used to absorb health from the enemy and heal Delilah.

Cape Curse- Enemy magic attacks are absorbed and then used to place status ailments on them.

Shadow Counter- Enemy attacks are countered and then a Shadow is summoned, enhanced with dark magic based on the damage of then enemy attack, and then attacks the opponent.

Shadow Slide- Delilah dashes forwards and charges into the enemy as illusions move around.

Shadow Assault- Delilah summons two Shadows that team-attack the opponent.

Mirror Trap- Delilah traps the opponent inside of a mirror using a spell. The next physical attack will kill any regular enemy effected by the move.

Yugana Ugoki, Jinsokuna Shi: Delilah’s magic gem casts out a beam of shadowy energy, creating a blade of magic; Delilah then gracefully slashes the target with the sword, finishing with one swift strike; damages the enemy greatly as well as lowering their Endurance. Delilah's Power Sequence.

Shattered Reality- An extremely powerful attack that halves all enemy stats and deals lots of damage.

Weapon: A magic gem forged from the Magic Mirrors of Shadow, Spirit, Heart, and Body. The Spirit Mirror was cracked and manifested into Spirit Delilah.


Profile: A shard of Delilah’s being that was cast out of Delilah when she was attacked by Nuk’draar; Ebony healed Delilah, however, she is Delilah’s polar opposite and uses light magic to fight and support the team. She does not know why she exists or what her purpose is, and so her greatest desire is to discover this meaning.


Healing Song- A graceful song that heals nearby allies.

White Light- A bright white light shines and heals all allies.

Glide- Ebony glides, causing the opponent's next attack to miss, and then lands on the ground and increases Giftedness and Endurance of a random ally.

Light Ray- A projectile beam of light is blasted at the target.

Heavenly Light- Light floods the entire area, healing allies and increasing their Giftedness and Attack; enemies are damaged by the light for the next two turns.

Angelic Chorus- Ebony starts to sing; her healing abilities are greatly increased by an angelic chorus that sings along with her; completely heals two allies, increases Ebony's Giftedness.

Darkness Purge- removes all status ailments from allies and Ebony and disables enemy Imprisonment attacks.

Godspeed- sets Laziness to 0 for one ally

Punishment- sets enemy Laziness to 10 and enemy Defense and Endurance to 1

Gabriel's Message- highly damages demonic enemies; certain enemies are simply freed from their woes and sins and stop fighting altogether; nearby allies are completely healed and their Endurance and Defense increase.

Michael's Spear- a highly damaging attack that decreases enemy Attack, Defense, and Giftedness

Raphael's Staff- completely heals and removes status ailments from all allies as well as increasing all stats except Laziness by 2

Uriel's Fire Sword- has a chance of killing the enemy that it hits; a highly damaging attack that inflicts random status ailments on nearby opponents; increases Ebony's Laziness by 3 after use.

Camael's Expulsion- kills one random opponent on the field and decreases all stats except Laziness for all other enemies

Light Harness- Ebony channels light to forge a chain of light that is used to subdue opponents.

Jophiel's Teachings- maxes out Giftedness for the next three turns

Zadkiel's Banner- painlessly kills one nearby enemy and decreases Defense of all of the others

Pierces Lumière Tous- Ebony channels the power of hundreds of angels to bombard the enemy with thousands of beams of light. Ebony's Power Sequence.

Eternal Banishment- Only available when Light Harness is active. Ebony steps forth and summons light from above that burns the opponent and then banishes them to the depths of the Underworld. Is a one hit kill; Endurance drops a bit after use.

Weapon: Light magic that heals those with good hearts and damages evil demons.


Profile: A prisoner in the dungeon for a whole decade, Bacari is skilled with a dagger from many years of fighting off evil demons. He was wrongly accused of murder and was cast into the dungeon the very same year the dungeon was sealed off by the people of Barcelona. Bacari's greatest desire is to see his lover again.

Dagger Slash- An attack using a dagger.

Disarm- A maneuver that disarms the opponent of their weapon, preventing them from using physical attacks for one turn.

Feint Attack- A feint attack that causes the target to flinch, decreasing Stealth and Defense.

Wounding Attack- Damages the target for two turns.

Pickpocket- Bacari takes two Attack points from the enemy and gives them to himself

Thieving Demeanor- Increases Stealth of the user and lowers a random stat of an enemy by 1

Backstab- requires Stealth > 6; Bacari sneaks away without the enemy noticing; on the second turn, he reappears behind them and stabs them in the back with his dagger.

Overpower- Bacari grabs the enemy on their next turn and grapples with them, preventing them from attacking for one turn; on the next turn, their attack will hit unless a defensive move is used

Throwing Knife- A projectile attack with a small throwing knife.

Strike Point- An attack that strikes an enemy's vital points, dealing damage equal to Bacari's Attack x Stealth

Night Shade- Bacari wraps himself in his cloak to blend into the darkness, causing the opponent's next attack to miss; on the next turn, he attacks the opponent with a swift strike executed faster than the blink of an eye.

Knife Storm- Bacari throws forth ten knives that damage the opponent; if any of the knives miss, they will instead hit a random opponent elsewhere on the field.

Floor Pin- Bacari stabs his dagger into the ground, damaging an enemy and preventing them from moving; however, Bacari is unable to use attacks that require his dagger on the next turn.

Knife Juggle- Bacari juggles two knives, distracting the opponent and increasing their Laziness; on the next turn, Bacari gathers both knives into his hands and hurls them at the opponent.

Unexpected Assault- Bacari walks forwards with a hand extended for a handshake, but then quickly unsheathes his dagger and strikes the enemy; decreases enemy Defense and Endurance

Illusory Ambush- Bacari moves so quickly that illusory copies of himself are created as he strikes the enemy with a highly damaging attack.

Daga de Amor- Bacari's dagger is imbued with magic and increases in size; he then moves so quickly that he leaves illusory copies and appears to teleport around as he slashes the enemy. Bacari's Power Sequence.

Struggle- Bacari struggles in order to break free from enemy Imprisonment attacks

Assassination- only available when Floor Pin is active; Bacari dashes in, grabs his dagger, and swiftly assassinates the target with a lethal strike.

Weapon: A dagger sharpened for best use in battle, Bacari has gone through many daggers over the years and usually takes a fresh one from a monster he kills if the old one has gotten too dull or rusty.


Profile: A girl cursed by Nuk'draar and turned into a monster; after being healed, she learned to control the transformation and can turn into it at will to fight. She is Belicus's sister and fell into the dungeon while the two of them were rescuing some of her adoptive siblings from criminals. Her greatest desire is to be a normal girl again.


Shadow Pounce- Shadira takes on her monster form and pounces on the enemy

Feral Bite- Shadira takes on her monster form and chomps the opponent with the ferocity of a wild animal.

Deep Growl- Shadira takes on her monster form and growls to intimidate the enemy, decreasing their Attack and Defense but slightly increasing their Stealth

Instinctive Action- Shadira dodges the enemy's next attack and then counter-attacks with twice as much damage

Shadow Strike- Shadira becomes invisible, causing the enemy's next attack to miss, and then attacks them on the next turn

Pack Leader- Shadira's Attack and Stealth increase to match those of the strongest enemy on the field; if there is no enemy stronger than her, the stats will simply increase by 3.

Hunt- Shadira attacks the enemy with a biting attack; if the enemy attempts to flee, she will chase after them and attack them with 1.5x the attack power of the first bite

Tracking- Shadira closes her eyes and listens; the enemy's Stealth decreases by 6

Life Drain- Shadira uses a fraction of the magic to drain the life force of the enemy, increasing her Attack and Giftedness and healing her a little bit

Phase- Shadira uses magic to briefly become intangible, causing the next enemy attack to miss

Sharpen- Shadira sharpens her claws, increasing her Attack; how much it increases depends on the type of tile she is standing on

Dash Attack- Shadira dashes forwards in her human form and delivers a kicking attack

Adorable- Shadira puts her hands behind her back and cutely looks at the enemy, pretending to be flattered; decreases enemy Attack and Defense

Flirtatious Gaze- Shadira looks at the opponent flirtatiously, winks at them, and blows them a kiss; decreases enemy Giftedness and Endurance

Unearth- Shadira digs at the enemy's tile and turns it into a Debuffing tile; the type of debuffs inflicted is random, but will be twice as strong as a regular tile

Moon Beam- Shadira howls, harnessing the power of the moon and causing beams of moonlight to bombard all enemies on the field and damage them

寻血猎犬的月光警车- Shadira's eyes flash red as the moon behind her makes her to be a silhouette; she transforms into her beast form but the form then sheds itself to temporarily form into Darkness Piercer, a magic bow that fires arrows of shadowy energy, which she then barrages the enemy with. Shadira's Power Sequence.

Weapon: Shadira can take on a beast form at will; she uses this beast form to fight enemies by attacking with claws and fangs, though she does have a few fighting skills of her own.


Profile: A brave hero who entered the dungeon in search of his sister, only to get lost in the chambers of the dungeon; he donned his father's armor and had a special magic blade forged for him by a warlock and then set off to save his sister. His greatest desire is to protect and secure his family from danger.


Disorienting Bash- Belicus slams the hilt of his sword on the opponent's head, damaging and lowering their Defense and Endurance

Demonic Drain- Belicus's sword drains power out of the enemy, lowering their attack; the next attack has increased damage

Burn Stab- Belicus stabs the sword into the enemy, leaving a burn inside the wound that damages for two turns

Scorching Slash- Belicus slashes his sword across the enemy

Power Aura- Belicus's sword glows with a powerful red aura, increasing Attack and Giftedness

Flame Wave- Belicus slashes his sword through the air, sending a wave of fire forth as a projectile

Arterial Blade- Belicus directs an attack towards the target's vital points, damaging them

Infused Blade- Belicus infuses his sword with magic and then delivers a powerful attack

Triple Slice- Belicus dashes in and slashes the opponent three times

Disarming Parry- Belicus parries the enemy attack and disarms them, severely decreasing their Attack and Defense

Pinpoint- Belicus places the tip of his blade on the opponent to intimidate them, decreasing their Stealth and Attack

Brawler- Belicus kicks the opponent to knock them backwards; damages and prevents them from moving for one turn

Enrage- Belicus shouts a battle cry; increases Attack but decreases Defense, has a chance of decreasing enemy Endurance

Enchant- Belicus focuses on the power within his sword and shares it with other party members, increasing their Attack and Giftedness, though lowering his own Attack in the process

Spark Cut- Belicus dashes at the opponent, dragging his sword across the ground to create sparks and sharpen the blade and then cuts the enemy with it

Sliding Attack- Belicus slides across the ground towards the enemy and kicks upwards to hit them, after which he does a flip to slash them with his sword

Abswordtion- Belicus stabs the enemy; if the enemy is a demon, they are instantly killed and their remaining power is absorbed into the sword to increase Belicus's Giftedness

Charmed Prison- Belicus slashes around the enemy, trapping them inside of an inescapable magic cage

Beheading- only available when Charmed Prison is active; Belicus slams the enemy to trap their head between the bars of the magic cage and then slices their head off with one strike of the sword

Die Uhr Tickt- Belicus brandishes his sword, focusing energy into it, and then slashes the enemy dozens of times, pausing very briefly every so often to refocus energy into the sword; a highly damaging attack that finishes with a large laser fired from his sword that hits two enemies on the field.

Weapon: Belicus had his old dagger transformed into a sword imbued with powerful magic specifically used to drain the essence out of demons with every cut; naming his sword Freiheit, he descended into the dungeon with this blade in hand.

Battle System

Initiating Battles

Battles are initiated when one of the following occur:

  • An enemy touches the player; when this happens, the enemy will have the first move of the battle.
  • The player touches an enemy; when this happens, the player will have the first move of the battle.

Battle Sequence

Once the battle begins, the party members and enemies are transported to a special battle room; the layout of the battle room is randomized, as are the location of the party members and enemies. Once the player's turn starts, they go to each character in order that those party members have been placed in the team. They control each character to move forwards and attack; each individual party member can only move so many steps, after which they can attack, use a defensive maneuver, or wait for the next turn. This is done with each character in the party until all members have been used; then, the enemy takes a turn in a similar fashion.

Once a party member is within range of an enemy, they can attack that enemy. When they attack, another small landscape containing just the two combatants appears; depending on the type of platform each combatant is standing on, they will receive buffs or debuffs. Once these buffs/defuffs (if any at all) have been divvied out, the two combatants begin their attack animations. If the player attacked the enemy, then their character will strike first. The roles are reversed if the enemy attacks the player.

Defensive maneuvers can also be used by party members; these will have a few different effects depending on which one they used; an enemy must attempt an attack in order for the defensive maneuvers to take action, otherwise they will expire after the turn ends. Some defensive maneuvers will keep an enemy from attacking at all, while others will simply reduce enemy damage.

Enemies that are two levels lower than the player will be defeated upon the player touching them, meaning no battle will be initiated.


Stone- no buffs or debuffs

Metal- Stealth Debuff, makes it easier for opponent to dodge attacks

Lava Rock- Damage at start of each turn

Ice- Slipperiness Debuff, Chance of Freezing at start of turn

Trap Tile- Chance of being damaged or Immobilized at start of turn

Light Tile- Healing Buff, heals at start of each turn

Poison Tile- Poison Debuff, chance of taking damage at start of turn

High Ground- When the player has higher ground than the enemy or vice versa; Attack and Defense Buff

Low Ground- When the player has lower ground than the enemy or vice versa; Attack and Defense Debuff

Magic Tile- Attack, Defense, Health, Endurance, and Giftedness

Flowery Ground- Decreases Laziness

Grass- Increases Stealth and Giftedness


Possessed Shadow

Profile: A Shadow whose spirit wasted away over decades spent in the dungeon; within this shell is now a more evil and corrupt spirit that has latched onto the body.

Type: Evil


Vampiric Bite- Damages the opponent and heals the user.

Shadow Slash- A slashing attack made up of dark energy.

Shadow Sphere- A projectile blast of dark energy.

Giant Spider

Profile: This spider has lived in the dungeon for so long without being bothered by other creatures that it has been able to grow to a gargantuan size.

Type: Evil


Bite- A biting attack.

Venom Bite- A bite that deals less base damage but has a chance of poisoning the target for two turns.

Web Trap- The target is wrapped in webs and is unable to move or use physical attacks for one turn.

Web Whip- The target is whipped with a thick string of web.

Giant Rat

Profile: A large carnivorous vermin that gorges itself on garbage and dead creatures it finds in the chambers of the dungeon.

Type: Gluttony


Bite- A biting attack.

Tail Slap- The target is smacked with a slimy tail.

Woeful Spirit

Profile: A spirit that laments for unknown reasons; it carries around a candelabra and will lash out at anybody who doesn't try to ease its worries.

Type: Unfortunate


Depressing Story- Decreases Defense of the target.

Candle Swipe- An attack that involves swinging a lit candelabra at the target.

Candle Burn- Lit candles burn the target.

Red Spirit

Profile: A cursed spirit doomed to roam the dungeons for eternity. Over the millenia it has lost its remorse and regard for all living creatures, filled now with evil and spending it's days hunting down and feasting on lost souls.

Type: Demonic


Fire Ball- A flaming projectile attack.

Spirit Eater- Damages the target by biting away their life force and decreasing their Giftedness.

Flame Cloak- Protects the user from magic attacks for one turn.

Soul Solvent- Damages the target and disables any healing abilities for one turn.

Serpent Spirit

Profile: Large snake-like spirits that were locked away eons ago; they were set free from their chambers by Nuk'draar who put them in charge of keeping the Shadows in line.

Type: Demonic


Coil- Restrains the target for one turn and damages them.

Fire Blast- A stream of fire is blasted from the user's mouth.

Fire Ring- The user spins in a circle as it engulfs in flames.

Lizard Demon

Profile: One of Nuk'draar's underlings. This creature has scaly skin, a forked tongue, and wields a whip of flames. It tortures Shadows for fun.

Type: Demonic


Whip Attack- An attack using the flaming whip.

Cold Blood- When used, the user nullifies any status ailments inflicted on it.

Floor Clamp- Metal clamps appear on the floor and the target is unwillingly forced into the restraints; they are unable to move for two turns.

Lizard Fang- A biting attack.

Torture- Can only be used during Floor Clamp. An attack that damages the target and lowers all attack and Defense stats.

Fire Demon

Profile: Vicious and ruthless creatures that obey Nuk’draar's every command. In life they were people that had unrelenting desire for corporeal satisfaction. Armed with fiery weapons, they will mercilessly beat Shadows and others into submitting to their will.

Type: Lust and Demonic


Fire Ball- A flaming projectile attack.

Blazing Earth- Damages the target and increases their Laziness.

Fire Sword- An attack with a flaming blade.

Imprison- The target is completely restrained with ropes, chains, and glitter glue (don't ask) which renders them unable to move or attack for two turns

Blade Demon

Profile: A demon whose limbs have been amputated and replaced with sharp blades. It has an unusually sadistic lust for blood and will cut anything it finds to see if it bleeds.

Type: Demonic


Slash Attack- An attack that involves the slashing of two blades.

Stabbing Attack- An attack the stabbing forth of a blade.

Insanity- Dark magic is used to bind the target in a strait jacket.

Shadowy Strangle- Can only be used when Insanity is active. Dark magic is used to strangle the victim, damaging them and lowering Attack.

Poison Demon

Profile: A vile beast whose sins in life became eternal diseases in death as they were turned into demons. Its kind can be found bathing in venomous swamps and noxious bogs that they then use to spread pestilence throughout the dungeon.

Type: Demonic


Poison Slime- A gob of poisonous goo is hurled at the target; it deals poison damage for two turns.

Venom Bite- A bite that deals less base damage but has a chance of poisoning the target for two turns.

Claw Attack- An attack using sharp claws.

Torn Ghost

Profile: A ghost whose indecisiveness in life caused it to stand idly by while others suffered; in death, it has a great tear in the middle of its body that represents this ambivalence.

Type: Sloth


Decaying Curse- The spirit opens the tear in its body to release a swarm of beetles that infest the target with curses; deals damage for next two turns.

Ignorance Spell- A spell that damages the target and decreases their Stealth.

Idleness- The user stands so idly that the opponent loses the ability to detect them, making their next attack miss.

Sloth Feaster- The spirit's tear opens up and clamps onto the target like a set of fangs; it then deals damage double the target's Laziness.

Dark Thoughts- The spirit puts dark thoughts of death and destruction to their friends into the target's mind, decreasing Attack.

Greedy Ghoul

Profile: A ghost who was extremely attached to worldly possessions and money in life; in death, it has a pole strapped to its back with the spirit's most desired thing in life hung on the end of the pole; the pole is long enough to prevent the spirit from ever obtaining the item, always dangling it just out of reach.

Type: Greed


Golden Madness- The spirit causes the target to hallucinate, seeing their most desired possession in front of them; decreases Defense and Endurance.

Rabid Greed- The spirit inflicts the target with a disease of greed that causes damage over two turns.

Pole Whack- The spirit steps forth and swings the pole on its back at the target.

Coin Flip- A coin is flipped; if it is heads, a blue light shines and the target's Giftedness increases; if tails, a red light shines and the target takes damage as well as a decrease in Giftedness.

Nightmare Host

Profile: A spirit that embodies the nightmares of sleeping children. A nefarious and merciless creature, these Living Nightmares feast on the fear of those that they possess.

Type: Evil


Petrify- The user petrifies the target with fear by showing them their worst nightmare. Decreases Defense and Attack.

Fear Feaster- The user deals twice as much damage as the target's Defense stat.

Nightmare- The user thrusts a nightmare into the target that damages them and lowers their Endurance.

Night Terror- The target is put to sleep and has a dream in which they are about to be killed; on the next turn, they wake up from the dream just before they are killed in it, delivering damage and lowering their Stealth, Giftedness, and Attack.

Coffin Hauler

Profile: An undead creature that tried to cheat Death; it is forced to carry a coffin everywhere it goes; the coffin has many lead weights inside to make the coffin heavier so that it will be a reminder not to cheat Death.

Type: Evil


Coffin Slam- A heavy slamming attack with the coffin.

Shackles- A stone wall appears behind the target; they back up to try and escape but instead back up to the wall, which then sprouts chains that shackle the target to the wall.

Rotting Boomerang- The user pulls their arm off, bends it into a boomerang shape and throws it out like a projectile; hits twice.

Coffin Crush- The user pushes a heavy coffin on top of the target.

Sarcophagus Dragger

Profile: A mummified creature that uses magic to place curses on others, though having a curse itself; it cannot leave its sarcophagus and must bring it everywhere with them. Inside the sarcophagus is a pile of gold, an ancient sabre, and an assortment of outdated hair products.

Type: Evil


Sarcophagus Swing- The user lifts up the sarcophagus and swings it at the target.

Mummy's Curse- Decreases all stats of the target by 3, including Laziness.

Uncoil- The user uncoils some of the gauze from its body to increase its mobility; increases Stealth and Attack, decreases Defense

Sandstorm Curse- The user summons a sandstorm that decreases the Target's Attack and Giftedness

Beetle Curse- The user summons a swarm of beetles that bite multiple targets on the field.

Under Wraps- The user ties up the target using some of the ribbons from its body.

Black Cat- The user grabs and throws a random black cat at the target, dealing damage on impact; if it misses, the bad luck from the passing cat will decrease the target's Stealth and Endurance

Poison Feed- Only available when Under Wraps is active; force feeds a lethal poison to the helpless target.

Lollygagger Ghoul

Profile: A lazy spirit who would much rather hang out on the couch all day. If not attacked, he will reward them with increased stats; if attacked, he will procrastinate before actually retaliating.

Type: Sloth


Meh- After one turn of doing nothing, the user will say 'meh' disinterestedly and lower the target's Endurance.

Lazy Attack- After one turn of just watching TV, the user hurls the TV remote at the target.

Shadow Monster

Profile: Brought to life by Nuk'draar, this creature is completely made of shadows and is the embodiment of darkness itself; unlike Shadows, this monster is in an eternal state of internal chaos and aggression.

Type: Wrath


Rage- The user shouts very loudly to enrage itself, increasing its own Attack.

Tantrum- The user throws a tantrum...and a rock...and a throws a lot of things in a huge fit.

Shadow Blast- A projectile of dark energy is hurled at the target.

Shadow Overtake- The user controls shadows around the target to take on physical forms and grab the target to keep them from moving; cannot be used if the target is standing on a Light Tile.

Shadow Spike- The user controls shadows around the target to take on a physical form and stab into the target like sharp spikes.

Shadow Suffocation- Can only be used when Shadow Overtake is active; the user controls shadows around the target to smother the target and suffocate them.


Profile: An emotionless spirit that floats around aimlessly, causing spooky things to happen like slightly moving chairs, lowering the temperature on a doorknob, and turning cows inside-out.

Type: Evil


Chills- The user sends chills up the target's spine, lowering their Giftedness.

Ectoplasmic Ray- A projectile beam of ghostly energy.

Pudding Limbs- An attack that prevents the target from moving by cutting off all feeling to their legs and arms.


Profile: A bony creature that was once a prisoner in the dungeon; after death, a spirit seems to have housed itself in the remains.

Type: Evil


Skull Toss- The user hurls its skull at the target as a then asks the target politely to roll the skull back to it.

Bone Hit- The user pulls its arm off and swings it at the target.

Skeletal Kick- The user kicks at the target; if it misses, the leg will fly off of the skeletons body and will hit someone else on the field, though the user loses Stealth in doing so.

Grave Shackles- The user stomps the ground and causes chains to erupt from the ground and entangle the target.

Skeleton Warrior

Profile: A skeletal monster wielding a sword; they were commissioned by Nuk'draar to prevent Shadows and prisoners from escaping.

Type: Evil


Sword Slash- A slashing attack with the sword.

Cranium Attack- A head-butting attack.

Funny Bone- The user hits the target with their elbow, but lowers their Attack on the next turn.

Dark Mage

Profile: A mysterious creature cloaked in dark robes, this monster hides its face under a large hood, where only its mouth can be seen; it is constantly muttering hexes and dark spells. It thinks itself to be the most powerful of Nuk'draar's forces.

Type: Pride


Heck Fire- The user floats in the air and chants a magic spell; a portal opens up beneath the target and fire erupts from underneath them

Blood Moon- The user absorbs moonlight and then blasts a beam of red light at the target.

Devil's Pact- The user's Defense and Endurance drop to 0, but it own attack and Giftedness are maxed out

Torment- The user summons a murderous spirit that haunts and torments the target, lowering their Stealth.

Enrage- A spell that increases the attack power of one of the user's allies.

Curse- Lowers Endurance of the target.

Demonic Slammer

Profile: A large, muscular brute of a demon with a large hammer as a weapon; it slams the hammer on to cause small quakes, and its physical strength keeps any prisoners it takes from escaping.

Type: Wrath and Demonic


Hammer Slam- A powerful attack with a hammer.

Fire Blast- A large flaming projectile attack.

Leash Lasso- A chain is connected onto the target and they are pulled along with the user, dealing damage whenever the user moves.

Torture- The user dislocates the target's limbs with its sheer strength, damaging the target and decreasing their Attack and Defense

Scandalous Succubus

Profile: A scantily clad vampire lady that is able to lure in unwary prisoners to become her next meal; its amazing that she has kept her figure so well!

Type: Lust


Siren's Song- A song that lowers the target's Defense and Attack; more effective on male units

Vampiric Bite- A bite that damages the target and heals the user.

Evil Eye- Prevents the target from fleeing on the next turn.

Power Kicks- Two high kick attacks.

Seductive Dance- Decreases Attack and Defense of the target.

Banshee Shriek- An earsplitting shriek that damages the target and raises Defense of nearby allies.

Ghoulish Overlord

Profile: An overbearing and strict spirit that has placed many shadows under its reign, forcing them to do its bidding, often beating its slaves if they hesitate.

Type: Wrath


Enforce- The user shouts to enforce its underlings to increase their Attack power.

Abusive Reinforcement- The user whips one of its underlings; the underling takes damage but their Attack ad Defense increase sharply.

Whip Attack- The user attacks the target with a whip.

Summon Subordinate- The user summons a shadow slave; it is weaker than most shadows.

Whip Crack- The user flicks its whip to create a loud crack sound to startle the target and lower their Stealth.

Strangle- The user strangles the target, damaging them and lowering their Attack.

Innovative Ghost

Profile: A ghost that uses innovative inventions to attack for it; it idly stands off to the side, sipping coffee.

Type: Sloth


Boxing Contraption- With a simple push of a button, this machine swivels around and punches the target in the face!

Assembly Line- A conveyor belt moves multiple machines towards the target; the target feels that the machines can do all the work, increasing their Laziness.

Cannon Machine- Just pull the lever and watch as enemies are knocked down with cannon fire! Order now to get a free Crazy-Straw Goblet!

Stockade Mechanism- Turn a crank and the target will find themselves trapped in a stockade.

Shadow Slave

Profile: A slave to demons and ghouls; they don't want to fight, but they will be severely punished by their masters if they don't comply. If you free them, they will give you whatever they can.

Type: Unfortunate


Bound Backhand- The user, its hands bound together, backhands the target.

Kick- A weak kicking attack that obviously has much reluctance behind it.

Beg- The user begs for the target to free them.

Shadow Walker

Profile: A monster that stays hidden in the darkness before ambushing its victims; it can back into the blackness as quickly as it appeared. It fancies itself the fanciest thing alive.

Type: Pride


Dark Ambush- The user slips into the shadows and then strikes target from behind.

Black Scar- The user slashes across the target with sharp claws; a scar is left behind over time.

Shade Slip- The user melts into the target's shadow and saps health from them for one turn.

Chain Hurler

Profile: A suit of armor worn by a phantom; it wields a long chain that it uses to subdue targets.

Type: Evil


Chain Wave- The user swings its chain out, wrapping around the target's legs; the target becomes unable to move.

Endless Prisoner

Profile: An undead prisoner that was so jealous of others that in death it is unable to move past these jealousies; it is condemned to an eternity in the dungeon.

Type: Envy


Accusing Glare- A jealous glare that makes the target feel as if they did something wrong; lowers the target's Giftedness.

Green-Eyed Monster- The jealousy manifests into raw power, increasing the user's Attack and Giftedness.

Envious Crush- The user grabs the target and crushes them in their hands.

Grave Digger

Profile: A skeletal creature with some rotting flesh still clinging to its bones; it used to dig graves for those in the dungeon that wished to sleep, but Nuk'draar ordered them to awaken the dead to fuel his army.

Type: Evil


Shovel Slam- An attack using the shovel.

Dirt Launch- The user tosses dirt at the target, damaging them and decreasing Defense.

Bury- The user buries the target in the ground.

Insanity Incarnate

Profile: It used to live in a padded room before Nuk'draar saw use in its psychotic behavior; it is that these demons have seen all the evils of the world and have gone mad because of it.

Type: Evil


Headbutt- The user attacks with a headbutt.

Insane Cackle- The user laughs crazily, making the target feel uneasy; lowers target's Stealth.

Rapid Kicks- The user quickly kicks the target.

Damned Ones

These are special enemies that can be encountered in special locations in the game; they are not required to beat the game, though a true completionist may want to hunt down and defeat these enemies.


Profile: The embodiment of commercialism, this monster likes to brag that the humans say that he is the root of al evil and yet continue to use the seeds he planted in their world. He runs the biggest business in Nuk'draar's dungeon and has become a large corporate figurehead as a result. He tends to take on the form of the most egotistic corporate leader living on Earth.

Type: Greed and Pride


Tax- Used every other turn, this attack forces the target to pay money to Walter before they can use an attack; the cost of the tax varies depending on what attack they want to use.

Make it Rain- Walter takes out a stack of bills and starts swiping his hand across them, sending the money flying forth, but the money turns into harmful projectiles when he touches them.

Stock Market- Walter gets out a flipchart that shows the current stock values; one of the target's stats is randomly decreased.

Debt- This move is used if the target is unable to pay their taxes; it decreases their Endurance.

Coin Boom- Walter snaps his fingers and an explosion of gold coins occurs, damaging the target; the target does acquire some gold coins as a result of this move though.

Golden Wall- Walter summons a wall of golden bricks between himself and the target and then pushes it forth to bombard the target with golden bars.


Profile: At first it appears to be a shadow slave, and will express its woes to you, but if you let it talk for too long, you'll find that the life has been literally drained from you! Interrupt it by attacking and it will turn around to reveal a grotesque and vile monster with an evil grin. Deceit enjoys spreading lies and rumors through the dungeon to cause trouble.

Type: Evil


Deceive- Before the battle even begins, Deceit attacks the targets by lying to them and prolonging a conversation in order to slowly drain the life from them.

Web of Lies- Deceit spins a web of lies that prevents the target from moving.

Gossip- Deceit will tell a juicy bit of info about one of the target's allies that is of questionable validity, but causes them to lose focus anyway, decreasing their Defense.

Trust-Breaker- Deceit uses its hammer, the Trust-Breaker, to attack the target.

Rumor- Deceit spreads a rumor between the party members that causes other party members to lose half as much health as the party member that Deceit attacks next.

Miss Trust- Deceit introduces the target to his wife, Miss Trust; after sitting down and having a nice cup of tea and speaking with the happy couple, Deceit reveals that Miss Trust is actually a clone he made of himself; the truth is so earth-shattering that the target takes damage.


Profile: A horrifying creature able to stalk it's prey by becoming one with the darkness. As the embodiment of terror, this monster has the ability to take on the form of anyone's worst fear.

Type: Evil


Fear Strike: Terror morphs into the target's worst fear, damaging them and lowering their stats.

Malicious Glare: Terror glares evilly at the target and lowers their Attack.

Terrorize: Terror inflicts such fear upon the target that their heart stops for a moment, damaging them.

Shriek: Terror shrieks loudly, lowering the target's Defense.

Black Horror: Terror becomes the darkness and then grabs the target and rips them up.

Dark Parasite: Terror blends into the darkness and leeches health from the target.

Buck E. Leech

Profile: Buck E. Leech is a moocher. Never making or doing anything for himself, he bases his stats off of the first party member he faces in battle. He can also take one of your attacks and use it himself, but has to have seen the move used first.

Type: Sloth and Greed


'Borrow': Buck 'borrows' one of the target's stat debuff moves and then uses it.

Copy: Buck copies one of the target's attacks that they used during battle.

Energy Drain:  Buck deducts two from one of the target's stats and increases his own by two.

Pizza Thief: Buck says the target looks famished and suggests they make a pizza to eat; they make the pizza, but Buck steals it from them, decreasing their Endurance.

Vampiric Bite: A biting attack that decreases health and heals the user. Buck stole this move from the Possessed Shadows.

Constrict: Buck coils himself around the target and damages them.


Profile: A ginormous rat that takes items it finds and stores them away and keeps them just so it can say that it has them, even though such things could be put to better use. If anyone tries to take any of its things, it complains that that very thing has much sentimental value to it.

Type: Greed


Stat Hoarder: If the target uses a Debuff move on Packer, he gets mad  and his Attack increases.

Shiny Thing: Packer sees something shiny and runs towards it, tackling the target in the process.

Collective Lie: Packer lies to the target that he is not a hoarder but a collector, lowering their Defense; it seems like Packer is more lying to himself than the target.

Messy Room: Packer covers the ground with trash, increasing his and the target's Stealth, but  decreasing their Defense.

Hoard Hurl: Packer grabs an item from his pile of stuff and throws it at the target.

Chair Tangle: Packer grabs an old chair and some velvet ribbon and ties the target to the chair, preventing them from moving or attacking.

X Cruciate

Profile: A sadistic monster that has had all of its body parts hacked into pieces and then reassembled to form a grotesque creature. It has large hands and a rusty spike that it uses to inflict pain on others, enjoying every minute of their suffering. This monster has high attack power but is careless about defending itself.

Type: Wrath


Painful Punch: A painful punching attack.

Suplex: X Cruciate grabs the target, lifts them over its head, and slams them on the ground.

Crimson Sucker: X Cruciate drains some blood from the target, damaging them and healing itself.

Matador Charge: With complete disregard X Cruciate madly charges the target; if it misses, X Cruciate damages itself.

String Up: X Cruciate hangs the target up with a noose, preventing them from moving or attacking as they struggle to keep from being strangled.

Ruthless Stab: Only available when String Up is active; X Cruciate stabs the target with a rusty spike, killing them.

Winey Beer of a Fight

Profile: This awesome is really monster! *hic* It can ALWAYS BE SEEN HOLDING a bottle of alcoholic drink...wha!? I swear I'm not an officer, drunk! What...where was *hic*...oh yeah! This alcoholism is the embodiment of demon and it can get into a blind rage since it is CONSTANTLY ALWAYS FOREVER DRUNK officer! *hic*

Type: Gluttony and Wrath


Drunken Rage: Increases Winey's Attack and then wildly swings his arms around.

Alcoh--BLEEEEEGH: Winey barfs on the ground, disgusting the target and lowering their Endurance.

Bottle Hurl: Winey hurls a bottle of alcohol at the target, damaging them; their Laziness increases and their Stealth, Defense, and Endurance all decrease.

Cloudy Vision: Winey's Attack maxes out but his Stealth drops to 1.

Super Powered Mega Awesome LAS*hic*: Winey hiccups so loud that a sound wave damages the target.

CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG: Winey chugs a keg of beer and the target starts chanting 'CHUG' repeatedly; after he is all done, Winey hurls the empty keg at the target, damaging them.


Profile: Impatienceistheembodimentofwellit'sprettyselfexplanatoryanywaysImpatiencehastheabilitytojustskipyourturnifyouaretakingtoolongtomakeadecisionsobasicallyjustmakeyourchoiefastandyou'llbeokaysorryaboutallofthisIwastooimpatienttopressthespacebar.

Type: Wrath


Turn Skip: If the player takes longer then twelve seconds to take their turn, Impatience will skip their turn and hit them with a punching attack.

Bratty Scream: Impatience screams in a bratty and childish fashion, lowering the target's Endurance.

Now: Impatience stomps and screams, 'Now!' and the target lowers their own Attack and Giftedness.

Tantrum: Impatience throws a tantrum...and a rock...and a chair...and a boat.

Stomp Around: Impatience stomps on the ground angrily, sending shockwaves across the earth that damage the target.

Cry: Impatience cries, and the target panics, trying to stop the crying, and gives Impatience a toy to try and calm her down, but Impatience just hits them with it instead.


Profile: With no regard for human life or value, this monster will do terrible things to others without a second thought. It almost seems to enjoy the suffering of others and brings multitudes of different torture devices with it everywhere so that it can 'test' them out on helpless prisoners or shadows that it finds.


Strangle- Inhumanity violently grabs and squeezes the target's throat, preventing them from breathing until they pass out from air loss and are tossed aside, having taken damage and suffered a decrease in Defense and Endurance.

Branding Iron- Inhumanity takes a hot branding iron and presses it to the target's skin, leaving a burn that damages fro two turns.

Sadist's Pleasure- Inhumanity gains a surge of Attack and Stealth.

Stockade- Inhumanity locks the target into a stockade, preventing them from moving or attacking.

Flogging- Inhumanity takes a whip and flogs the target; deals more damage when the target is afflicted with Imprisonment via Stockade.

Informal Execution- only available when Stockade is active; Inhumanity leaps on top of the stockade, draws a sword, and stabs the target in the back repeatedly until they bleed out and die.

Mr. Der

Profile: A monster that is eternally filled with murderous intent, it lies in wait for an unsuspecting victim to come near. It then leaps forwards with its knife anf viciously stabs the victim.

Type: Wrath


Attempt- Mr. Der makes an attempt on the target's life; unlikely to hit, but deals high damage when it does.

Meditate- Mr. Der premeditates on his murderous plots, increasing his Attack but lowering his Defense.

Murder Strike- Mr. Der stabs the target multiple times, depleting their health entirely; does not count as a Lethality move.

Bloodlust- Mr. Der's Attack increases if the last move he used was an Attack.

Hold- Mr. Der summons two demonic underlings that grab the target's arms and prevent them from fleeing or attacking.

Death Snap- only available when Hold is in effect; Mr. Der grabs the target and snaps their neck violently and promptly.


Profile: The embodiment of crime and thievery, this demon runs the biggest organized crime ring in Nuk'draar's dungeon. Crime and Walter do not get along at all because if there is gold to be had Crime will sniff it out. Crime will also rob any helpless Shadows of anything he deems valuable.

Type: Greed


Rob- Crime laughs maniacally and calls in his friend Robert who robs the target of some of their gold.

Steal- Crime steals a healing item from the target and uses it to heal himself.

Crime Ring- Crime puts on a ring and punches the target across the face.

Gangster Gatling- While shouting quotes from multiple gangster films, Crime takes out a Gatling gun and shoots the target with it.

Weapon Swipe- Crime steals the target's weapon and hits them with it by throwing it back at them.

Crime Lord- Crime says how good it is to be in charge and his Attack and Laziness increase.


Profile: ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Type: Evil


Ignore: Negligence ignores the target, hurting their feelings and decreasing their Defense.

Aloof: Negligence acts aloof, causing the target to suffer a decrease in Attack.

Ignorance: Negligence ignores the target so much that they accidentally hurt themselves and take damage.

Push Away: Negligence pushes the target away.

Abandon: Negligence tries to abandon the target, and while they are running to catch up they trip and fall on their face, taking damage.

Back Turn: Negligence turns his back to the target, decreasing his Defense but decreasing the target's Giftedness as well.


Profile: Wherever this monster goes, destruction follows; it destroys anything in its way as it moves through the dungeon. Other monsters steer clear of this beast because even they will be destroyed if they linger too long in its way, and even then these monsters have to seek out new areas to live since the entire area is decimated in Wreckieth's wake.

Type: Wrath


Vandalism: Wreckieth destroys two of the target's healing items.

Ground Breaker: Wreckieth uses his head to smash the ground up, damaging the target and turning the tile they are standing on into a Debuff tile (if they were not already standing on one)

Demolish: Wreckieth demolishes an area of the battlefield.

Wrecking Crew: Wreckieth headbutts the target, damaging them, but his back is turned in the process, lowering his Defense.

Reckless Behavior: Wreckieth imbues some of his reckless behavior into the target, lowering their Stealth to 2.

Cannon Fodder: Wreckieth fires multiple cannonballs out of the cannon on his back, damaging two targets on the battlefield.


Profile: She'd bet everything she has that she can beat any other creature in the dungeon. Not only is she confident, but she is a bit cocky too, always ready to roll her dice, make a bet, or reap winnings from others. Her fighting style is a bit unorthodox, opting to roll her dice and predict the number she rolls and then attacking based on how close she was to being correct.

Type: Pride and Greed


Dice Roll: Cassie rolls her dice and calls a number; if she was right, the dice will flash blue and the target will take damage; if she got it within one number of what she called, the dice will flash purple and the target will take a little bit of damage; if she was wrong, the dice will flash red and she'll suffer a Debuff in Attack and Giftedness.

Loaded Dice: Cassie uses loaded dice for her next Dice Roll, increasing the likelihood that she will be correct.

Bet: Cassie bets some of her Defense that she'll be right with the next Dice Roll; if she is incorrect, her Defense will be halved.

Jackpot: Cassie takes some of the target's gold if she gets the next Dice Roll correct or within one number of her called number.

Snake Eyes: Cassie's eyes glow green; on her next Dice Roll she'll levitate the dice when rolling them and they will both roll as ones and set the target's Stealth and Endurance to 1.

Win Streak: If Cassie's next Dice Roll is correct, she'll bet the damage she dealt on that roll on her next one; if she gets it right, the damage she deals will be increased by 1.5x.


Profile: Culten is the leader of his own radical fan-club for Nuk'draar in the dungeon. Some of their extreme acts include printing of a fanmade newspaper titled The Daily Demon that is all about Nuk'draar and even sacrificing their own members to Nuk'draar. Culten oversees the whole operation; some say that Culten has some sort of secret benefit to the indictment of new members into the club, but those who utter such rumors mysteriously disappear later.

Type: Greed and Pride


Failsafe: Culten erects a brick wall between himself and the target and then charges through it, breaking it down, after which he dumps a container of red acid on the target that damages them.

Silenced: Culten casts a spell that prevents those who doubt his motives from speaking, lowering their Giftedness.

Brainwash: Culten locks the target into a chair and begins to give them a scalp massage with a strange shampoo; afterwards, the target's Attack and Defense are lowered.

Assimilation: Culten duplicates himself and then attempts to assimilate the target into his fan-club by beating them up.

Culten Classic: Culten duplicates himself and sends his duplicates around the battlefield; when a duplicate is attacked it vanishes and lowers the target's Defense by 1.

Fan-Club Sacrifice: Culten duplicates himself and then kills the clone with a knife before absorbing its power and increasing his own Attack and Giftedness.


Profile: This creature went insane centuries ago; it is said that Psychout was originally a human prisoner that slowly went insane in the dungeon chambers and became the grotesque form you see here. Psychout is completely restrained by a strait jacket and chains, but his mind, though lost, will release surges of magical psychic energy during Psychout's fits of madness.

Type: Evil


Maniacal Laughter: Psychout laughs maniacally during a fit of insanity, making the target uneasy and lowering their Stealth.

Psychondreik: Psychout releases a surge of psychic energy that takes on the form of a dragon and attacks the target.

ESP Storm: Psychout creates a storm cloud using psychic energy that then blasts purple lightning down upon the target.

Psych: Psychout fakes an attack at the target, causing them to flinch and lower their Endurance.

Private Room: Psychout uses his psychic energy to create a room around himself and the target; he and the target will be in the room until Psychout has taken enough damage, during which only the target in the room with him can deal damage to him, though others can still use Debuff abilities on him; in his room all tiles grant Psychout Giftedness buffs.

Psycho Blaze: Psychout uses psychic energy to cause an explosion of fire on the target.


Profile: Narcile was once one of Cypher's closest comrades, but Narcile's excessive pride caused him to be exiled from Cypher's chambers as Cypher feared Narcile's narcissism would grow to exceed his. Narcile continues to feed his large ego, prattling on to anyone who will listen about he is the most powerful of the Damned Ones. Narcile once bested Odysseus in a hubris competition, or at least that is what Narcile likes to tell people.

Type: Demonic and Pride


Indignance: Narcile scoffs indignantly at the target, saying they are but fleas to his power and lowering their Defense.

Denial: Narcile denies that he has a problem since he is too proud to admit that his stats have been lowered; any of his lowered stats are then raised in addition to his Attack, unless his Attack was included in the lowered stats.

Narcissus' Mirror: Narcile takes out a mirror and admires himself in it; the next time he is hit with a magic attack, he reflects the attack with the mirror.

Prideful Smite: Narcile smites his minions, too proud to accept help in the fight; anyone near the enemies when they are killed will take damage.

Lotus Shuriken: Narcile attacks the target with a shuriken lined with lotus flower nectar; the target becomes unable to move for the next turn.

Difficult Choice: Narcile transforms into a chimera; targets on Narcile's left take lots of damage while those on the right have all stats lowered and are imprisoned.


Almites, Demon Champion

Profile: The Demon Champion, Almites, earned his title in the Coliseum of Pazu as a gladiator. He fought against the most vicious and ruthless of demons and triumphed over them all. His armor is said to be shined using the blood of his slain enemies and his weapons sharpened with the bones of his victims. He is revered as the strongest of all the lesser demons. In his free time he enjoys practicing spear throwing, mutilating training dummies, and decorating his garden by placing the heads of his opponents on stakes.

Evilness: Based on how many attacks Delilah has learned

Type: Demonic


Beely Bob, Embodiment of Gluttony

Profile: Beely Bob is a disgusting, hoarding slob. He sits at his table and stuffs his face all day with food brought to him by his loyal servants. He eats just about anything; he is very fat and overweight, but at least he isn't a picky eater. He even eats any and all creatures who dare challenge him; the massive bib around his neck is stained with blood and vomit. He certainly isn't the most pleasant thing to look at.

Evilness: N/A

Type: Gluttony


Mammoth, Embodiment of Greed

Profile: Mammoth is the spitting image of avarice. He sits upon a golden throne wearing golden robes and a golden crown eating golden potatoes and chicken wings off of a golden plate using golden forks and golden knives whilst surrounded by piles of golden objects in his golden room of gold. He sits upon his throne all day pondering why he is unhappy despite all of his riches and possessions.

Evilness: based on how many coins are in the player's inventory

Type: Greed


Azmo, Embodiment of Lust

Profile: The demoness Azmo is the sexiest of all of the demons and is rumored to have an affair with Nuk'draar himself. She is a master of charm and knows all of the different ways to get someone interested in her; playing hard-to-get, seducing, and flirting are only a few of her methods. She is said to run a business, though what that may be is still a mystery to all but Azmo and her closest accomplices.

Evilness: based on the Camaraderie level of characters, with higher Camaraderie levels causing the boss to do more damage; a good strategy is to have two characters with low camaraderie take on the Boss

Type: Lust and Demonic


Levi Ethan, Embodiment of Envy

Profile: Taking on the form of a giant sea serpent with a tentacled monster head, Levi Ethan's eyes are green with envy. It finds any and all reasons to be jealous of others and uses this as fuel to power its evil ambitions. Rather than be appreciative of the friends and family he has, he seeks to rob others of their possessions; his fangs are coated in a venom that causes victims to lose sight of what they have and envy others.

Evilness: based on the Camaraderie level of the Fifth Wheel character with other party members

Type: Envy


Pazu, Embodiment of Wrath

Profile: Unlike Levi Ethan, Pazu's eyes are red with rage. Pazu is an irascible demon, lashing out at others and working himself into a blind fit of rage. Though unaware of his own actions whilst angered, he does not feel sorrow for them afterwards, blaming it all on those that triggered him. Pazu enjoys setting stress balls on fire and destroying tapes and recordings meant for calming meditation.

Evilness: based on the Attack stat of the party leader; also reverses roles, with higher Attack stat characters doing less damage and lower Attack stat characters doing more damage

Type: Wrath and Demonic


Belphegorge, Embodiment of Sloth

Profile: Belphegorge lies around all day doing absolutely nothing. You'd think he was dead if he didn't grab the remote to pick the next show to marathon on DeathFlix. Belphegorge is paid by Nuk'draar to at least keep his eyes open so that if anyone suspicious were to pass by his line of sight he could alarm him. In battle Belphegorge doesn't move on his own, but is carried around on a throne by his underlings; he makes his underlings fight for him as well, opting to lazily watch the battle and eat popcorn.

Evilness: based on combined Laziness of whole party

Type: Sloth

Cypher, Embodiment of Pride

Profile: Cypher is extremely self-absorbed. Literally, centuries ago Cypher's ego became so inflated that absorbed his own body. What you see there is Cypher's ego itself. Cypher proudly proclaims that he is the best of the best, everywhere he goes, and is quite frankly surprised that he isn't the final boss. Once you get Cypher down to a certain amount of health, he denies the very possibility of you beating him so much that his ego transforms...

Evilness: based on stats of the character with highest stats

Type: Pride


Super Ego, Cypher's True Form

Profile: After being so closely defeated, Cypher could not believe that it was happening. He became so self-centered that his ego became absorbed by his super ego much like how his ego had absorbed his body. Now called Super Ego, Cypher is more powerful than ever; all of his stats have increased and his minions get a boost in Attack power when they are near him. Super Ego starts the battle by shouting 'I AM THE BEST!' and then sending out a shockwave that reassembles the entire battlefield.

Evilness: N/A

Type: Pride


Nuk'draar, Commander of the Dungeon

Profile: The ruler over the entire dungeon and all of the demons in it, Nuk'draar himself. He feasts on the fear of prisoners who fall down into the depths of the dungeon and wants to keep his food supply where it is; he strike fear into the shadows and prisoners by sending demons like Inhumanity, X Cruciate, and Terror to torment the helpless creatures. He has freed demons and monsters that had been locked away or awakened those who had been sleeping in order to stop the prisoner uprising; with none of that having succeeded, he has turned to facing it himself.

Evilness: based on how many coins are in the player's inventory

Type: Fear and Demonic


Nuk'drakon, Roar Across Eons

Profile: Nuk'draar has transformed into his alternate form, the Timeless Dreik, Nuk'drakon. Nuk'drakon's roar has echoed through the chambers of the dungeon for eons, earning this form the name of Roar Across Eons. In this form Nuk'draar's Stealth and Defense go down but his other stats increase. Unlike Nuk'draar's original form, Nuk'drakon is not classified as demonic, meaning Freiheit will not deal extra damage to him.

Evilness: based on the Camaraderie level of characters, with higher Camaraderie levels causing the boss to do more damage, and based on the Camaraderie level of the Fifth Wheel character with other party members

Type: Fear


Nuka Essence, Fear Manifest

Profile: Nuk'draar's final form, Nuka Essence. This is the very essence of not only Nuk'draar but the dungeon itself. It writhes with raw power and visceral, primal appetite for fear. Unlike the previous phases, Nuka Essence utilizes its own Evilness factor. Nuka Essence has lower Endurance and Laziness but all of the other stats are increased.

Evilness: based on Defense of party leader

Type: Fear


First Phase like Greed, Second Phase like Lust and Envy, Third Phase uses his own element: Fear




Crushing Blocks

Gameplay Elements/Mechanics

Shadow Realm

In the overworld, Ditto has the ability to enter the Shadow Realm when standing on Mirror Floors. The Shadow Realm can unveil platforms, enemies, puzzles, and hazards that are invisible to her when in the Light World. If a Mirror Floor is nearby, it can be worth a player's time to see what lies in the Shadow Realm on the other side.


Each party member has their own stats. These stats are as follows:

Health- overall health points; when health reaches 0, that party member is unable to participate in the remainder of a battle.

Attack- Amount of damage a character deals when they attack; varies depending on what attack is being used, works more like an average than a set-in-stone stat.

Defense- Affects the amount of damage taken from enemy physical attacks; the higher Defense, the less damage taken

Endurance- Affects how much damage or how strong the effects of status ailments and enemy magic attacks are; higher Endurance = less magic damage from enemies or weaker Sleep effects etc.

Giftedness- Amount of damage a character deals when they use magic attacks; much like the Attack stat, this functions like an average

Evilness- Only matters in boss fights; the condition it is dependent upon varies between bosses; higher Evilness = more damage from Bosses

Stealth- Affects the chance that an enemy will dodge an attack; higher Stealth = less chance of enemy dodging

Laziness- Affects how far a character can move on a map during battle sequences and how willing they are to dodge enemy attacks; lower Laziness = more movement and dodging


The camaraderie system helps characters to get to know each other better, grow closer to one another, and fight better in battle when together.

The closer together two characters are when in a battle, the more camaraderie they will build. Camaraderie ascends five levels:

One- Acquaintanceship

Two- Friendship

Three- Best Friendship

Four- Closest Friendship

Five- Love

When two characters of the opposite gender reach Level 5, they will fall in love with each other; siblings or characters of the same gender that reach Level 5 will have either a Bromance or Sibling Camaraderie.

The Fifth Wheel Factor is another Camaraderie element. There are five characters, three girls and two boys. If full Camaraderie is reached with all characters, two Love relationships will be formed and one girl character will become a Fifth Wheel. As a Fifth Wheel, they feel lonely and left out, and will not fight as hard in a battle, with some of their stats dropping as soon as they achieve Fifth Wheel status. A way to combat this is to continue to support the Fifth Wheel by building their camaraderie with other characters to cheer them up and make them feel more welcomed in the group.


When in Battle, some enemies have Imprisonment moves. These moves will imprison the target in chains or shackles and prevent them from attacking or moving on the next turn. Very powerful attacks known as Lethality moves are only available when a target is inflicted with Imprisonment. These attacks can often result in death during a battle. If a party member is killed by one of these, they will not be present in the party after the battle ends; they must go to the Soul Chamber where the fallen party member is being held and free them from the cell in order to get them back in the party. Some party members also have Imprisonment and Lethality moves; these are often extremely powerful and one of the last moves they are able to learn.

Power Sequences

Each party member has a move known as a Power Sequence. It is a very powerful sequence of attacks that is often one of the last attacks learned because of their raw attack power. After a Power Sequence is used, the character that used it is unable to use it again for a certain number of turns because it exhausts them. During a Power Sequence, a special theme will play and characters attack the opponent in rapid succession. The player must tap a button when prompted at pivotal moments of the attack to ensure maximum damage is inflicted; some Power Sequences, if done perfectly, will even be extended into a more powerful attack, such as Belicus' Die Uhr Tickt.

Some Bosses also have Power Sequences. To reduce or even completely nullify damage taken, press the button when prompted.