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Hallbert is a young Norse Warrior. He wears a horned helmet, brown clothes, and a red kerchief. He has blonde hair and two small black eyes. He always carries his giant sword and his climbing dagger.


Hallbert attempted to break his father, Mikkel's, record of number of sky serpents slain. He killed fifteen sky serpents only to discover that his father had killed way more sky serpents than he had thought.

Other Appearances

Hallbert appeared in Cuboy Academy in episode three and continues to make guest appearances in the series.

Hallbert also made a cameo in NMDFFM in an episode of the G6 series.

Hallbert appeared again in Defenders of Cloud Kingdom where he helped the main characters fight Dark Creatures and told tales of his adventures slaying Sky Serpents.

Hallbert appeared in Sky Slayer where he finally retired from monster slaying.