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Happy Jump Land



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Enemy 585


Being able to play as the Bearded Man in his story.

Happy Jump Land is the prequel to Enemy 585. Much like its predecessor, it is a parody of the Super Mario Bros. series, but stars the Bearded Man rather than Enemy 585 and Turner.


Bearded Man

The Bearded Man

Bearded Man and the Princess are on the balcony of their castle, when the Princess's chihuahua starts to bark. The Bearded Man goes down to see what has happened, and suddenly King Frog appears and kidnaps the Princess and the chihuahua. The Bearded Man gets angry and runs after him.


  • World 1
  • World 2
  • World 3
  • Secret World 1
  • World 4
  • World 5
  • Secret World 2
  • World 6



  • Bearded Man
  • Princess
  • Guard Dog


  • King Frog


Small Legged Blob-2- Small Legged Blob - Walks around, dies when jumped on.

Henchmen-1- Henchman (Koopa Troopa) - Walks around. When jumped on, leaves their Helmet behind which can be kicked and used as a projectile.

Boot Blob Boot Blob (Goomba's Shoe) - Hops. When killed, the player can steal the boot.

Ghosts blob Ghost Blob (Boo) - Floats around, following the player. Can be killed by hemets only

Dark Ghost Blob Dark Ghost Blob

High Creature High Blob Creature (Pokey) - Slowly walks around, the player must kill it using fireballs.

Long Creature. Long Blob Creature (Wiggler)

Flying Henchman Flying Henchman (Koopa Paratroopa) - Can fly, when jumped on, turns into a normal Henchman.

Frogkitu Frogkitu (Lakitu) - Throws Spiked Helmets from above. When jumped on, the player can steal it's Cloud.

Hench spinie Spiked Henchman (Spiny) - Walks around, doesn't turn at cliffs. If a helmet hits it, it doesn't die. The legs and spikes retreat in helmet and starts moving like a helmet.

Buzzy Henchman Dark Henchman (Buzzy Beetle) - Like a Henchman but it can't get affected by fireballs.

Spinnig_Fire_Ball_Chains.png Fireball Chain (Firebar) - Rotates in a circle.

Fire Ball Lava Ball (Podoboo) - Jumps from lava and falls back in it.

Happy jump land fish Fish Blob (Cheep Cheep) [BETA ELEMENT]- Swims around in water. Can be killed with fireballs or jumping when a part of it is out of water.

Elite Hench Fish Elite Hench Fish (Mega Cheep Cheep) - Like Fish Blob but larger. It jumps from water and tries to hit the player.

Squid Henchman Squid Henchman (Blooper) - Swims to player

Smasher Block-2- Squish Block (Whomp) - Stays up on the celing. When the player comes close to it, it falls, then slowly comes back up.

Barrel_Shooting_Rock.png Barrel-Shooting Rock (Spike, Donkey Kong) - Shoots Barrels out of it's mouth.

Enemy 585 Barrel Barrel (Spike Ball, Barrel thrown by Donkey Kong) - Rolls on ground until it hits a wall or enemy.

Frog plant no tongue Frog Plant (Pirahna Plant) - Stays on ground, snaps at player.

Cannons_%28Enemy_585%29.png Cannon (Bullet Blaster) - Stays on ground, shoots Cannon Balls.

Cannon ball Cannon Ball (Bullet Bill) - Keeps going streight in the air.

Bomb Blob Bomb Blob (Bob-Omb) [BETA ELEMENT] - It turns at cliffs and when it meets a wall. It runs to player if it sees him and after a few seconds explodes. Shooting in it or jumping on it kills it, but it doesn't make it explode.

Dark Bomb Blob Dark Bomb Blob- It turns at cliffs and at walls. It runs to player if it sees him and after a few seconds explodes. Shooting on it makes it explode. Jumping makes him dizzy and after some seconds it explodes.

'Helmet' bomb 'Helmet' Bomb - It turnes at cliffs and walls ,but when it sees the player it runs to him even in cliffs but never explodes. Only if the player jumps on him, he becomes dizzy and after explodes.

Chain creature Chain Blob (Chain Chomp) [BETA ELEMENT]- Hops on the ground, but can't move from it's block.

Dark Chain creature Dark Chain Blob

'Helmet' Chain creature 'Helmet' Chain

Block blob Block Blob (Block Goomba) - It looks like block, but if player comes near it, it will try to jump on the player.

Hammer Henchman Hammer Henchman (Hammer Bro.) - Jumps, walks and throws hammers.


  • Block - When the player hits this block, it breaks and drops a Gold Coin.
  • Happy Block - When the player hits this block when small, they will either receive a coin or a Grow Gumdrop. If the player hits it while normal, they get a Fire Plant instead of the Gumdrop.
  • Grow Gumdrop Grow Gumdrop (Super Mushroom) - Makes the small Bearded Man grow into normal size.
  • Life Gumdrop Life Gumdrop (1-Up Mushroom) - Gives the Bearded Man an extra life.
  • Invincibility Pill Invincibility Pill - Gives the Bearded Man invincibility for a little.
  • Fire Plant - Gives the Bearded Man firepower.
  • Gold Coin Gold_coin.gif - Gives the Bearded Man points.


  • Powered down - A small Bearded Man. When hit, dies.
  • Normal - A normal-sized Bearded Man. When hit, turns small.

Bearded man fire power

  • Fireball - The Bearded Man in a fire suit. Can shoot fireballs that go straight forward until they hit a wall or enemy. When hit, turns back into normal Bearded Man.
  • Balloon - The Bearded Man with a balloon. Can use it to float in the air or underwater.
  • Happy Helmet - A helmet that the Bearded Man can wear. Using this, he can block objects from above or use it to duck and cover himself.




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Castle Theme


  • Many levels are altered from the original Enemy 585 to better fit the ability of the Bearded Man. There are now many more platforms and enemies where there weren't before.