Harold The Horrible

Harold The Horrible is one of the only bosses encountered in Spacial Rider. It is also known as Dr. Obnoxious's "Experimental Companion". The words are never quite defined, though...

Harold The Horrible
Harold the Horrible
Gender Unknown
Species Unknown
Faction Um, Unknown????
Health 5-10 Blows
Level 10 and 20
Status Thank Carter it's Dead!!!!
Game(s) Spacial Rider


HTH is orange with black stripes. He has two tan horns on his dragonlike face. Any other spikes or claws on his body are also tan. It has a prehensive tail and can grab foes from behind; it is better to face the music that way. There is a blue scar on his face. Dr. Obnoxious always likes to brag about how Harold is a "cold-blooded killer".

Why is its race unknown?

Dr. Obnoxious created it through genetic splicing, so it it unknown of what its race is <:(


  • snorts*
  • Breathes Fire*
  • Growls*
  • Swats at fly*
  • Falls on bottom*
  • winces*
  • Screams like little girl*