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This page is a list of hazards and interactive objects from Test Subject: Mutant enzymes.

Interactive objects

One-way platforms

One-way platform
Ability Can be passed through

One-way platforms can be used as regular platforms by walking on them. Unlike them, the player can jump up through it but not fall back down. The player can also walk though them horizontally, which makes them unusable as walls.

Bouncy tiles

Bouncy tile
Ability Spring back the player

Bouncy tiles are dark-blue colored blocks that will spring back entities on contact. Stepping on it will bounce the player 8 blocks upwards, instead of 4 for a regular jump. Bouncy tiles affect the player and most enemies, as well as bullets. However, some enemies can't step on them and won't be bounced back when touching its side. Those being:


Spawner pipes

Spawner pipe
Spawner pipe
Abilities Spawning enemies
Health Invincible

Spawner pipes are an easy way to spawn enemies in a level. They look like pipes from food pills. They will come out of the ceiling, drop an enemy enzyme, and will retract. They cannot be destroyed by the player. Spawner pipes will either spawn random enzymes or specific ones, constantly or only once an enzyme is killed. They can spawn periodically during boss fights.
Spawner pipes can't spawn flying yellow enzymes and spartan enzymes because of their helmet, and Professor Nastudious because it's a very rare enzyme.


Yellow enzyme bullet ElectricBullet amimated
Ability Various, depending on the type

Yellow enzyme bullet Yellow enzyme bullets

Yellow enzyme bullets act exactly as regular orange enzyme bullets. They can be shot by Dodge yellow enzymes, Flying yellow enzymes or Mimic yellow enzymes. Yellow and orange enzyme bullets are harmless to every Test Subject: Mutant enzymes enemies, but will hurt the player.

Fire bullets

Fire bullets can be shot by Blaze enzymes and the Flying red enzyme. They can be shot in any directions, and will hurt the player. When reaching the ground, they will create a small hazardous fire that will last for a few seconds. However, they can't do that when hitting the player or a wall.

ElectricBullet amimated Electric bullets

Electric bullets can only be shot by Thwock. They move diagonally, and they won't be stopped by walls. As such, they won't disappear unless they hit the player or they go out of the screen.

Goo teleporters

Goo teleporter