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We are all familiar with Kapowski's trademark invention, his multi-surface climbing gloves. But we aren't aware of the modifications he made to them AFTER he scaled the Glass Works.


Along with being able to scale any dry surface, Kapowski made the gloves more fit for defense and combat, and more versatile.

He can charge them up with cosmic energy (compliments of Norman Noggin) in order to deliver a powerful punch to enemies. His gloves can also create energy fields that closely represent glass in appearance and fragility. These energy fields are slightly tinted green and can reflect lasers and other projectiles. They make great shields and, when used in the air, can become fixed in one spot so as to function as a regular wall would, perfect for climbing in areas where no actual walls are built.


If Kapowski were ever to enter an arena (Super Smash Nitrome), he would bring these gloves to the battlefield for maximum takedowns.