Koong Fool Studios
Karate must die
In Karate must die!

Koong Fool studios O KMD
In Oodlegobs: karate must die

Ruler Jim Fowler
Location In the same city Xeno industries is in
Inhabitants Koong Fool Staff
Status Website:
Does exist


Game Karate must die!
Oodlegobs: karate must die

Koong Fool Studios (In O: KMD: Koong Fool) is also the place where Karate must die! takes place. Also appears as a Main objetive in Oodlegobs: karate must die in the game. The building is notably in the same city Xeno industries is located in.


Karate must die

Koong Fool Studios is seen in the intro of the game. It is shown having 100 floors, each floor being the same height and having the same amount of windows, even though varying in size. At the bottom there is a sign and some garbage cans, as well as other paces of metal. A giant sign that reads "Koong Fool" is seen on the top of the building. By have 100 floors is United Lamble's Tallest bulding ever.

Oodlegobs: karate must die

The Koong Fool Studios headquarters appears as a large grey rectangular building with many blue windows on all sides. On the front of the building is a giant screen with the Koong Fool logo beneath it. This screen occasionally plays Koong Fool videos of Karate cartoon shorts.


Karate must die

In Karate Must Die, Magnavox attacked the building. He killed all who got in his way, as well as used the cartoon studios' experimental weaponry. Whatever the company threw at them, the two friends destroyed. They rode to the next floor via elevator, and after scaling 100 floors, the made it to the room of Jim Fowler.

Jim first attacked them with some of the weapons they had already encountered, calling the staff to aid him multiple times. After being damaged enough, he entered the Karate Robot Suit and took the battle to the rooftop.

One of the friends managed to get a hold of the Bang gun, and using it caused Koong Fool Studios to collapse. Using his Ninja Star shaped spaceship, he tried to eliminate Magnavox while getting safely to the ground, but was shot down and squished by the O in KOONG FOOL. What remains now of the building is the outside structure of the bottom floor.

Oodlegobs: karate must die


Before the Oodlegobs invaded, Koong Fool made humorous karate cartoon videos for the world to watch on the website. Then Magnavox, who was irritated by these videos, created the Oodlegobs virus, which was delivered by email to the Koong Fool website. The Oodlegobs promptly invaded Koong Fool, deactivating the Karate robots which protected the lifts. The mewservers were also corrupted in the process. More and more Oodlegobs were created, and more lift began to be taken down.

Eventually, the Oodlegobs took down the fifteenth and last lift, which shut down Koong Fool and their website. The website was then replaced by Magnavox' own website.

In Game

The KoongFool headquarters is where the entire game takes place, and where all of the levels are located.

Koong Fool inside

The inside of Koong Fool in game levels


The official website of Koong Fool studios is seen in the click to start menu atfer the startup. Also many windows whit the internet explorer and Koong Fool website, are seen. With the videos: "The karate miner", "A sumo fighter", "Komodo mechana gizmo", "The venus fly trap ninja" and "The Karate Hedgegod".


  • The Koong Fool website is based on Youtube
  • The tower's windows in KMD and O: KMD aren't seen inside the building so the windows might be fake.