MewTube Boss
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Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Evil
Health N/A
Level Intro and Ending
Status Trapped in the Virtual World
Game(s) Oodlegobs 2: MewTube Strikes Back

This is an unofficial Nitrome character thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


MewTube Boss, unlike his brother Nitrome Boss, is very thin. He has scraggly brown hair, a large nose and two black eyes. He wears a white business shir with a black tie and black pants. He is usually seen inside his cat-themed hovercraft. The hover craft is yellow in color. It is round and looks like the head of a smiling cat. The cat's eyes are closed and its nose is pink. It has two pointed ears that are purple on the inside. On the back of the hovercraft is a yellow and orange striped cat tail that wags back and forth. On the bottom of the hovercraft are four rocket boosters located where the cat's legs should be. The hovercraft has a seat on the inside for MewTube Boss to sit in. The outer rim of the cockpit, located on top of the hovercraft, is red. A flashing screen and several buttons and dials decorate the inside of the cockpit.


MewTube Boss's job is to run MewTube, a corporation devoted to broadcasting cat videos to the world. After his corporation is brought down by the Teenager and his Oodlegobs virus, MewTube boss seeks revenge and traps the Teenager in the Virtual World. The Teenager, with the help of his Oodlegobs, escapes and proceeds to trap MewTube Boss in the Virtual World. MewTube Boss is last seen being chased by a horde of hungry Oodlegobs.



The Teenager is MewTube Boss's enemy, as the Teenager is the one responsible for destroying his corporation.


The Oodlegobs are also MewTube Boss's enemy. He is last seen being chased by them in the Virtual World.

Nitrome Boss

MewTube Boss's brother is Nitrome Boss. Nitrome Boss is slightly more successful than MewTube Boss, much to his annoyance. MewTube Boss got his virtual transporter device that he uses to trap the Teenager in the Virtual World from Nitrome Boss's business, Nitrome.


MewTube Boss is shown to have several abilities in the game. He is obviously good with technology, as he can operate his hovercraft and the virtual transporter device. He most likely has good negotiating and decidion-making skills seeing as he is the CEO of MewTube. He also seems to be a fast runner, as he is able to barely outrun the Oodlegobs that are chasing him at the end of the game.


  • MewTube Boss and Nitrome Boss are complete opposites-- MewTube Boss is thin and has hair whereas Nitrome Boss is fat and bald.
  • His hovercraft design was inspired by the clown-like hovercraft piloted by Bowser in the Mario games.