Mutiny campaign blue

Enemies names and speeches

1. Southern boys 

Pirates: Alright run along home and we'll spare you

Southern boys: We are real pirates and we will get th' treasure

Win - Ye' little rats couldn't light a candle! / Lose - Easy as a Nitrome video game that was boring.

2. Red squids

Pirates: Another set of clea- I mean they have kraken juice on them!

Red squids: The kraken's me great great granddad!

Win - That's how you squish a squid to death! / Lose - They weren't ready.

3. Blue fishes

Pirates: Lets see how long you can survive in this pit of land ye fish'.

Blue fishes: I want to eat a pirates' heart now!

Win - Argh. They don't know where they live anymore! / Lose - Yummy what have we here? A dead pirate?

4.Greenery pirates

Pirates: You folks are involved wit' some ghost aren't ye'?

Greenery pirates: Yes ye stinky mess th' be some prawns in yer beard?

Win - Ay, mateys looks like there will be plenty more o' these guys! / Lose - Are ye pirates or losers?! Haha...

5. Survived fish

Pirates: I thought we killed ye! I'm gonna rip that stupid belt of ye! Argh mateys lets get 'em.

Survived fish: You blow us off land, so what we're fish!

Win - Don't worry when ye' don't die come 'n' see us. / Lose - They can't even kill half dead fish!

6. Dealers

Pirates: These scallywags look like they're up for a beating!

Dealers: We're not here to meet your rotten bodies, but if you're going to steal from us we'll kill you!

Win - Rotten body? Who's rotten now? / Lose - Lets carry on the work boys!

7. Lobsters

Pirates: This should be easy they're 2 crew members short today!

Lobsters: Just try ye cocky freaks you can have any members ye want just try and get us!

Win - Just like shell-shocking crabs only with twice the boom! / Lose - Them sneaky creeps I'll show them!

8. Blue octopuses

Pirates: More tentacles! Lets rip 'em off!

Blue octopuses: I'm th' son of the kraken, me mum is dead thanks to the dang theives just escaped prison.

Win - Who cares about the kraken's wife ey?! / Lose - I'm heading for th'm theives now.

9. Eyepatch men.

Pirates: They decided to take off the eyepatch! I'm surprised they could or didn't fall to sea while doin' it!

Eyepatch men: How do you know me I never saw you!

Win - And I never want to see you again. / Lose - It worked! It worked!

10. Hat man

Pirates: We killed this guy twice what is he doing still around here.

Hat man: For th' last time I'll get yer hat! Gimme yer' hats boys! Gimme yer' hats!!

Win - We got his hat off aswell, and now we're gonna burn it mateys! / Lose - I'm dreaming!

11. Magicians 

Pirates: Show us all yer got!

Magicians: We can do magic! Everyone get your voodoo dolls it's going to be an easy one!

Win - Their magic went voobip hehe.. no? / Lose - Hurray my magic killing team!

12. Ninjas

Pirates: Ye' ninjas don't know the first rule about messing with a pirate.

Ninjas: We have.. abilities you don't.

Win - Ahahaha good uppercutting! / Lose - Team! There will be plenty more melonheads around here

13. Blue sharks

Pirates: Ok... these guys look very angry!

Blue sharks: Pirate meat tonight me crew!

Win - I think its best we get out of here now. / Lose - Pirate meat, yum... cant wait!

14. Slime ghosts

Pirates: Hey ye' ghosts just wait till I tell you I killed ye' pirate friends, now your on the list!

Slime ghost: Look at you fools WE'RE GHOSTS .Good luck finding our weakness.

Win - A good wave of water sure put you off! / Lose - They come at us like a bomb but they roll like the orange!

15. Native Americans.

Pirates: I think you might want to start packing up before you miss the plane.

Native Americans: I think we'd rather blow throw your boat like the spirit of motherbomb!

Win - I think they missed the plane already! / Lose - Lets go cause disaster this is just the beginning.

16. Gorillas

Pirates: Alright teammates take them down with all you got and stop them from taking our fruit!

Gorillas: We saw you kill our friendly neighbor monkeys! We want revenge!! I'll kill the funny talking guy!

Win - They sure were a rough bunch. / Lose - We won't be seeing these jerks again!

17. Ghostly northern boys

Pirates: Look these boys are back from-- oh no they don't look pleasing! And they grew a beard.

Ghostly northern boys: I'll be invinciblllle neeexttt weeeek just ask me muuuuuum!

Win - I think it may be past yer grave-bedtime boys. / Lose - All we needed was a disquise and tons of bombs!

18. Blue king parrots 

Pirates: Ohh polly need a cwacker?!!

Blue king parrots:Cwack-- No. Forget it! You may 'ave killed our minions but we're tougher than you think.

Win - Argh mateys they should've stuck with the cracker idea. / Lose - These troublemakers are dead now.

19. Theives

Pirates: Is it true? You killed mother kraken? I bet they're a family of wimps then. Oh, we're gonna beat you up!

Theives: You'll have to beat up ALL of us and I think you don't have a shot!

Win - I can smell our fresh seas again! / Lose - C'mon lets go cause chaos through the sea mates!

20. Kraken

Pirates: Oh skulls on bones! We bumped into the Kraken he is bigger than I thought.

Kraken: The danger of the seas, you aren't going home till you get past me!

Pirates: I have a bad feeling about this I think it may be goodbye.

Kraken: And it takes more than explosives to kill me!

Win - Ahh... mateys I think we maybe the toughest o' the seas/ Lose - HarHargh! That makes my 350th kill!

Mutiny cover


Pineapple Bomb- Extremely bouncy it explodes after you throw it then leave it to explode where it lands or whenever you throw it then click

Drill- Drills a straight path big enough for a character to fit through. If it hits someone it causes low damage

Big Wave- Just like Wave from previous version of Mutiny only Big Wave is twice as big

Monsterous Seagull- Just like Seagull from previous version of Mutiny only Monsterous Seagull drops 3 explosives at a time instead of 1

Rocket Launcher- Just like the Cannon from previous version of Mutiny only Rocket Launcher causes more damage

And previous weapons of Mutiny are included in Mutiny 2

Mutiny 2 last level and weaponary
Level 1 planned

Nearly returned home but the Kraken (last enemy) tries to stop them. How will they live through?

What level 1 will look like. Here below is a sprite sheet of the floors


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