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May and Carter, TOGETHER 4 EVER!!!! Caek <3

NMDFanfictionMon is a mash-up of Pokemon and AustinCarter4Ever's Nitrome Must Die fanfiction. It is made for laughs and those who love both things.

Currently, the plot involves the writer herself (along with her characters) going on an awesome adventure while stopping the notorious (and badly drawn) poacher organization.

All of AC4E's characters in this series (Including the cameos and herself) are refered to as Pokemon. Some of the fans prefer to call them NMDFFM because... well... that's the title! :P 

Currently, NMDFFM is in its second season that focuses in the Kalos Region (which is the most recent region). If you didn't read the first season (G3) and you're reading the current season, I feel bad for you because you must be super confused. If you have the time (and patience), please give the first season a read if you haven't.

Actually, I take that back. Please DON'T read the first season. It's a waste of time, trust me.

Everyone from the first season is already holding their corresponding Mega Stone. Their Mega Stones cause them to Mega Evolve, but only if there's a battle happening. Since there isn't a Mega Ring present to activate the stone's powers, the Pokemon rely on their optimism, eagerness, and other good feelings to activate it. When the battle is over, the Pokemon that Mega Evolved will return to normal, but will most liekly fall asleep since they had to put in their own energy to activate their stone. Before they knew about Mega Evolution, they referred to them as Power Ups.

Current Re-United Cast

Alpha Bennet Water/Fairy (Water Absorb)

Austincarter4ever Fire/Psychic (Water Absorb)

Storm Fighting/Steel (Bulletproof)

Curly Normal/Psychic (Traunt)

Lunnadai Psychic/Dragon (Levitate)

CART-R Electric/Fire (Levitate)

END-A Electric/Steel (Levitate)

Winged Carter (Dark/Flying) (Tough Claws)

Ninja Bennet (Steel/Dark) (Rock Head)

Omega Carter Fire/Fairy (Serene Grace)

Battle (Fighting/Fairy) Guts)

Safety (Water/Fairy) (Natural Cure)

Harmony (Electric/Fighting) (Own Tempo)

UPC (Poison/Fighting) (Trace)

Ave (Water/Dragon) (Levitate)

Enda Electric/Flying) (Lightningrod)

Darker (Dark/Fire) (Flame Body)

Skarmory (Steel/Flying) (Sturdy)

Blueboy (Normal)

Dandy (Dark/Flying)

Pokemon That Joined in Arc 2




Pokemon The Joined in Arc 4


Lost Pokemon

  • Sunnadai
  • Extreme

(A specific name may be removed if they were found)

CANON Nitrome Characters Encountered (In order) (Season 2)

  • Big Daddy (Nebula, Cheese Dreams: New Moon) (Episode 4)
  • FlashCat (Flash Cat) (Episode 6)
  • Dark Creature (Twin Shot) (Episode 6)
  • Young Norse Warrior (Referred to as Hallbert thanks to Master of Plasma) (Episodes 7, 8, and 9)
  • Aliens (Canary) (Episode 22)
  • Oodlegobs (Episode 23)
  • Hot Air (Episode 26)
  • Blots (Scribble) (Episode 26)
  • Ditto (Ditto) (Episode 49)
  • Reflection Ditto (Episode 49)
  • Kapowski (The Glassworks) (Episode 59)
  • Engineer (Steamlands) (Episodes 59 & 60)

Users Who Cameoed (And are AWESUME) :D


MiniCarter ---> Carter (Episode 32) (Wild)

Mini Curly ---> Curly (Episode 32) (Wild)

Bennet ---> Big Bennet (Episode 58) (May's)

Big Bennet ---> Alpha Bennet (Episode 30)

Holy Carter---> Omega Carter (Episode 29)

Pokemon Who Mega Evolved (Debut Episode)

  • Austincarter4ever (Episode 4)
  • Big Bennet (Episode 9)
  • Storm (Episode 10) (New Ability: Stench) (New Types: Water/Steel)
  • Lunnadai (Episode 17)
  • Battle (Episode 17)
  • Safety (Episode 17)
  • CART-R (Episode 17)
  • END-A (Episode 17) (New Types: Electric/Dragon)
  • WAC (Episode 18)
  • Harmony (Episode 35) (New Types: Electric/Fairy)
  • UPC (Episode 39) (New Types: Poison/Fairy) (New Ability: Technician)
  • Omega Carter (Episode 44)
  • Ave (Episode 45) (New Types: Grass/Dragon)
  • Enda (Episode 45) (New Types: Electric/Dragon)
  • Kimerauca (Episode 53) (New Types: Bug/Fairy)
  • Curly (Episode 89) (New Types: Normal/Dragon) (New Ability: Own Tempo)
  • Justin (Episode 107) (New Type: Steel/Bug) (New Ability: Tinted Lens)


Regular Episodes:

Correspond to the storyline. The first regular episode is "Wild Carter Appeared!". Afterwards, it is stated as a prequel.

Bonus Episodes:

CLEARLY say Bonus Episode and cannot be confused with the regular episodes. They have nothing to do with the Regular Episodes, but revolve around 1-4 characters every episode. They are  funnier and shorter.

Bonus Episode #1

Carter messes around with May! But to May, it's not funny!

Bonus Episode #2

Carter plays hide and go seek with Balrog, a character from Cave Story! More is learned, friendships are strengthened!

Bonus Episode #3

Never doubt teh powah of cuteness ;3

Bonus Episode #4

Max holds a conversation with Carter and Bennet. All is well, until he says something wrong...

Bonus Episode #5

Big Bennet gets a surprise visit from one of his biggest (but youngest) fans, a MINI-BENNET!

Bonus Episode #6

Hello! <3

Bonus Episode #7

EveryMon (and one) is wearing a costume! :D

Bonus Episode #8

Everyone's wearing a costume again! But they're worse than they were before! <:D

Episodes Gallery (G6)

Episodes Gallery (G3)


  • There have only been male cameos so far.
  • This started as one comic, but it was so good that everyone insisted it be turned into a full-fledged series.
  • This has been featured in Season 1 Episode 9, Season 2 Episode 6, and Season 3 Episode 11 of Cuboy Academy.
  • If you look closely, AC4E is reading Captain Underpants in Harmony Meets World.
  • Season 3 Arc 3 is the first time that AC4E tries to make the perspective be on one of her OCs rather than herself.
  • The Linoone in The Right Angle required no circle method to draw (unlike most of the Pokemon in this series).
  • While AC4E was coloring Patience, the paper that it was drawn upon ripped four times. Oh, the irony!
  • Season 1 Episode 9 and Season 2 Episode 74 aren't colored in because AC4E didn't feel like it. In addition, S2 E74 wasn't colored in because AC4E was depressed over losing her purple colored pencil.