Nitrome: Unlimited

Game Type

Adventure, Action, Puzzle Platformer





This is a collaborative article about an unofficial Nitrome game. Currently working on this collaborative article are Austincarter4ever, Sabkv, Magnavox Oddysey Fan, and Plasmaster. If you would like to help out with this collaborative project or have any suggestions, please leave a comment or message any of the writers mentioned.


Nitrome: Unlimited is an unofficial Nitrome game featuring many fan-made characters such as Winged Austin Carter, Plasmaster, The Ninja Trap and others. The characters are on a quest to stop Dr. Nastidious and The Machine from taking over the world. Canary 214-LE helps the character throughout the game by giving them tips and help about enemies, hazards, movements, attacks, and more.


Arrow Keys- control movements back and forth, ducking and jumping

Space Bar- special attack

Z- light attack

X- heavy attack

C- interact with object (crates, levers, grapples, etc.)


This is a list of characters (playable and non-playable) in Nitrome: Unlimited. If you are adding a fan-made character to the list, please refrain from adding characters that are not yours (i.e. Plasmaster can not add Enda to this list).

Plasmaster- a fiery playable character that controls heat and fire to attack

Canary 214-LE- non-playable, talks to the player through his radio, giving tips and help about game elements

Dr. Nastidious- main badguy and final boss

The Machine- main badguy and a boss in the game

Rex209 and Blue- playable characters in the game, attacks with proton blasts, can walk on ceilings

Cubro- playable character, attacks with boomerangs

Phil- playable character, attacks by picking up and throwing items

Winged Austin Carter- Playable character that can fly. He attacks by using the Nitrome Gun and slapping foes with his wings

Ninja Bennet- Playable Character that can ascend walls easily. He attacks by throwing shurikens and tackling mercilessly.

Enda- Playable Character that can fly. She attacks by pecking her foes from above and can easily carry items in her talons.

Sabkv- Playable character. He attacks using lightings and electricity. He also can roll on the ground.

Professor REX- Playable character that attacks with proton blasts and clipboard. Can walk on ceilings

Chronopoles (pronounced Kroh-naw-pull-eez)- Playable character that attacks with shadow blasts. Can slow down time in order to get past fast moving hazards or outwit enemies.

Hypothermaniac- Playable character that attacks with ice blasts and an Ice Hammer. Can freeze enemies and freeze water


This is a list of enemies in Nitrome: Unlimited. Some enemies are fan-made while others hail from Nitrome games.

Cubugs- enemies from the Cuboy Adventures game. They are pesky cube-shaped runts that can fly.

Mimic Green Enzyme- a slimy green enzyme that looks like Blue in his proto-suit.

Mercenaries- minions of Dr. Nastidious that carry machine guns

Brute- enemies from Pyrokinesis. Their attacks are similar to Mercenaries.

Infected Canary- a Canary miner corrupted by alien larvae

Alien Larvae- a small pink worm-like creature that tries to leap onto your head and corrupt you.