The Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki has rules, like any other large wiki. Since the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki is dedicated to Fanart and Stories, its rules are different than the rules of the Nitrome Wiki. The rules for this wiki should be read thoroughly and understood before a user begins to edit, as they may be brought up on the user's talk page.

Images & pages

The Nitrome Wiki is strictly only about Nitrome Fan Fiction. This means that pages and images can only be related to pages regarding Nitrome. Thus, if your image does not have anything Nitrome related in it, it will have to be deleted. You may have a certain page/project about Nitrome, but its further pages have to be Nitrome related.

Further image rules

For an image to be permissible on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki, it must have something Nitrome related in it. Nitrome related content is content that is from any Nitrome game, on, or any other project done by Nitrome. Text made by Nitrome is permissable.

An image has to have something Nitrome related in order to be permissable on the wiki. Thus, once the image has something permissable in it, a user is free to add other content.

However, basic content an image cannot have is content that may be offensive to other users.


Pages & image rules

If User1 creates a page on "Super Steamlands Bros.", this is permisable. Furthermore, if they create an article called "Steamlandario". and upload a picture of something unrelated to Nitrome but related to the game parody they are making, then that is permissible.

It, however, is not permissible to create an article titled "Super Mario Bros. 37", and just write about it without giving it any connection to anything else Nitrome. Furthermore, if one uploads a picture, and it has no resemblance to anything Nitrome, then it has to be deleted.

Further image rules

If User1 uploads an image of a Nitrome version Mario, they are free to put in the classic Mario backgrounds and characters, as there is already something Nitrome in the image.

If User1 uploads an image with Nitrome Blog text in it, this image won't be deleted, as it uses content Nitrome created.

If User1 uploaded an image of the Flightless banner, this is permissible, as even though it did not come from, it includes Nitrome related content and is from a Nitrome project.