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Nitrome Laboratories
NL Logo
Ruler Kapowski
Location Nitrome City (?)
Inhabitants Nitrome Characters
Status Still functional
Nitrome Laboratories (Nitrome Labs for short) is a place founded by Kapowski. Is where scientific and technologic researches are done, to help the game's characters to achieve their goals.


The Nitrome Laboratories were found by Kapowski after he managed to climb the Glassworks by his own. With his gloves, he though that he could build a place that could help all Nitrome Characters to achieve their goals easily with scientific devices, such it was with he and his gloves.

With the help of some Nitrome Characters the Nitrome Labs were then build. All kind of Nitrome Characters then showed up, was for helping with making the devices, testing or as consumers.

The Nitrome Labs were affiliated with the Xeno Industries for a long time, but when the Scientist was found knocked out on the ground, the affiliating was took down along with the Xeno Industries. The Nitrome Labs had lost tons of important data with that, althought most inventions were saved and data could be refound.

In Zombies Must Die

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In Zombies Must Die, the Nitrome Labs played a important role. The zombie plague begun here, when cuboy put a untested liquid substance called Zombificatum turnus in a room umidifier instead of water. The chemical reactions into the people's body caused them to turn into zombies, spreading a zombie plague though the world.

Gallery of Inventions


  • The Nitrome Labs are not on future but on present.
  • The Nitrome Labs does not takes place in NMD's universe, because the creator of the article did not wanted Nitrome was ruled bye the Nitrome Boss. However, it doesn't heans Austin Carter and Justin Bennet doesn't make part of it.