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Omega is a character made by Chiselerlikescheese, first appearing in The story of Jumpy, and is a member of the Fire Resistance Troop.

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Gender male (he is a cyborg so he does have a gender)
Species Cyborg dragon
Faction good (previously evil)
Health 999999 (TSOJ)
Level N/A
Status alive


Omega is quite powerful, He is armed with:


A Zap Core

Hidden Guns

Bullet blasters



He Looks Like The Dragon From Bullethead, Except that he has red eyes and a yellow orb. He also has a blue core at the end of his tail. 


Omega was originally a sea serpent from Aquanaut, and was mutated to fly and be outside water. he led the enemies from Bullethead. at one point he was hurt too much and had to become 80% robot and became the Omega Dragon. and then Bullethead happened and he was destroyed. but it changes when the fire beast from Ice Beak decided to game-jump (but not going turbo) and enter Bullethead, the fire beast, who soon after named himself Inferno helped the broken dragon and removed his evil memories. he does hear about his past but does not believe it. the dragon soon named himself Omega and then Omega and Inferno got in the Droplet War. they were forced to be prepared for everything possible and met Jumpy and the rest is in The Story of Jumpy.