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Pink (or test subject pink) is a character made by Chiselerlikescheese

Pink enzyme
Gender female
Species enzyme
Faction good
Health 1 hit
Status alive,dating blue


Owen and I thought it would be funny if blue had a girlfriend so here she is!

More info

Is a member of the fire resistance troop, and is good with machines, and good at fighting. (considering her ironic purpose)


she is nice. she likes blue. (she thinks of blue more of a friend than a boyfriend or someone to date with since she's not really into that stuff. blue does'nt really notice.)

Big spoiler, unless you have got to level 24 of TSC

Don't tell blue, (Oh, and Pink doesn't know this either) that Pink of the enzyme of destruction. think of the relationship as some form of 'Balance of life and death'.

Pink and Blue fanart