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This is a game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


The startup for this game goes like this:

The Nitrome letters are all lined up in order. They burst into flames and then the signature Nitrome chime sounds.


This game follows the adventures of Plasmaster. Plasmaster was just a regular guy named Jack until one day a couple of thugs ambushed him at a factory. During the fight, Jack fell into a vat of toxic waste. When he climbed out, he was Plasmaster, a superhero with fire-based powers and abilities. He vowed to get revenge on the guys that did this to him. He tracks them to a tall skyscraper, where he fights thugs with his newfound powers and eventually gets to the tenth floor, where he finds the thugs that had attacked him. After a boss fight with the thugs, they tell him that their boss told them to attack him. They tell him that their boss, Mr. E. Vill, is on the twentieth floor. Plasmaster fights his way to the twentieth floor where he defeats Mr. E. Vill and gets his revenge. Then, Plasmaster leaves the skyscraper, and looks up into the sky. In the sky is a skylight, kind of like the Bat Signal, only instead of a bat it is the shape of his head.


Arrow Keys- Left, Right, and Jump (Plasmaster can also Wall Jump)

Space Bar- Overheat (Overheat is an ability that allows Plasmaster to melt metal blocks so that he can reach other areas of the level)

Mouse- Click to blast a fireball


Water- deadly on contact

Water Gun- squirts harmful jets of water

Fire Extinguisher- sprays harmful foam

Camera- if seen by a camera, Search and Destroy mode will be activated in nearby enemies. Camera can be destroyed with fireballs.


Brute- fires bullets at Plasmaster. Acts like the SWAT units from Final Ninja Zero.

Grunt- flies around on jet pack. fires bullets at Plasmaster.

Prototype Z-Bot- robots that will hurt Plasmaster on contact. They can fly.

Villdroid- android robots that have energy shields protecting them. They can shoot electricity at Plasmaster


Thugs- two thugs, each one fires bullets. Unlike Brutes, they can jump and move more quickly.

Mr. E. Vill- evil ganglord, fights in a giant suit that bears resemblance to The Machine, only its colored blue and only has two legs


  • This game was inspired by several Nitrome games such as Final Ninja, Final Ninja Zero, and the Test Subject Series.