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Gender Male
Species Robot
Faction Good
Health 3 Blows
Level All
Status Alive and confused
Game(s) Rustyard

RU5-7Y, now known as Rusty, is a robot that was first designed at Nitrome Laboratories. On Rustyard, he may wander in a wasteland, but here we will focus more on his past.


RU5-7Y was created when Xeno Industries was affiliated with Nitrome Labs. He was supposed to be the test subject for the Professor, but how they wanted to low costs on testing, and the recently-created blue enzyme, he was replaced and plugged to a power house until they could find a new use for RU5-7Y.

Years later, Nitrome Labs were having storage problems, and had to discard many stuff, with RU5-7Y and his Power Houses being with them. More years passed until RU5-7Y woke up from his long hibernation, finding himself all rusty and full of malfunctions, the three small panels in his face fell, showing a plug in his face, being the Rusty seen in Rustyard.


RU5-7Y in the past was more aware of things (e.g. turn at pits and hazards). He had a very curious ability that remebers Magneboy's, but instead of he magnetically attracting metal stuff, himself could get magnetically atracted to metal stuff by the face if he wanted. After the weakening on the junkyard, his abilities were pretty much reduced to walk and jump.