Robber 2

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Robber 2 is much like the original Robber game, but with a different beginning. At the beginning of this story, two knights are pushing the Robber into the throne room. They tell the King that they have captured the Robber that stole the gold. The King tells them to throw him in the dungeon. So they throw him in the dungeon. The Robber immediately escapes, but won't leave without a treasure.... The next the Robber is seen he is running along the castle walls, carrying a sack, avoiding traps and enemies. He goes through three epic boss fights against the castle Executioner, the long-haired Rapunzel, and the Queen herself. The King was going to fight the Robber, but the Queen stopped him and told him he only ever screwed things up, so she fought the Robber instead. The Robber then escapes the castle (for the second time). The game ends with him opening the sack. The princess jumps out of the sack.


A new multi-player mode is introduced in Robber 2. Player one will play as the Robber, and Player Two can play as the Bandit.

Arrow Keys- Left, Right, and Jump

Space Bar- Throw Knife


New hazards are introduced in Robber 2, as well as bringing back the old ones. They are:

Spikes- harmful on contact

Boulders-fall from the sky

Flaming Arrows-fall from the sky

Falling Cages-fall from the sky

Crossbows-once they are jumped over they will fire arrows from behind. Avoided by jumping over the arrows.


New enemies are also introduced in Robber 2. The Dragon enemy was dropped however, as it proved too difficult of an enemy to avoid. The enemies in Robber 2 are:

Knights-chase the Robber, attack with a sword

Archers-fire arrows at Robber

Gladiators-attack with an axe

Horsemen-fast, attack with a lance

Pikemen-raise their spears to stab the Robber

Assassins-throw daggers at Robber

Wizards-fly on cloud, throw fireballs

Spiders-walk along the ground, hurt Robber on contact

Hounds-run along the ground, bite the Robber

Witches-fly on a broom, drop Spiders


The game ends with the Robber opening the sack, revealing that he didn't steal gold, but instead captured the princess.


  • This game was inspired by several Nitrome games such as Knight Trap, Rush, Twin Shot, and Double Edged.