Calm Robot
Ability When are eaten by Oodlegobs, makes more oodlegobs
Game(s) oodlegobs: karate must die

Robots are interactive characters eaten by the Oodlegobs in order for the virus to multiply itself.


Robots are orange robots with arms and legs. They have a stomatch with a thing/hole that his funtion is unknown, maybe is the part of that where is their heart or a door. They have a circular head with a mouth that is attached with their ears. Their ears are circular. They have a Tv with a red outline. Their Tv screen have two cube-shaped eyes. When they scared by a oodlegob is near them, their eyes turns lines. They scream fearfully when they spot an Oodlegob.


Robots are eaten by Oodlegobs so that the virus can multiply itself. If an Oodlegob is in the line of sight of a robot, the robot will scream. Once an Oodlegob comes in contact with a robot, it will proceed to "eat" the robot, chewing at its exterior. The robot will then collapse and become with shut down Tv screen. The Oodlegob will then spawn a certain number of new Oodlegobs out of the top of its back.