Rubble Trouble Beijing

Game Type

Skill and Logic




Rubble Trouble NY, Rubble Trouble Tokyo, Rubble Trouble Moscow

This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you want to make any changes to this article (please ask, I need help with ideas on this one), please leave a comment asking for his permission.


After doing a bang-up job in Moscow, the demolition team is invited to Beijing to tear down the old, abandoned buildings.


Mouse- the mouse will control certain tools. Clicking the mouse can also control some tools.

Space Bar- the Space Bar is sometimes required to deselect a tool


Below is a list of tools used in Rubble Trouble Beijing.




Grabber Chopper

Magnet Chopper

Rocket Drill

Missile Launcher

Chain Gun

Air Strike



Panda Bears (Work like Sumo Wrestlers and Dancing Bears)

Dragon (follows your mouse cursor, blasts a fireball forward when you click)

Drill Bomb (a time bomb that releases Mini-Rocket Drills in 8 directions when it explodes)

Rex209 (Barry controls Rex209, follows your mouse cursor, fires Proton Blasts when you click)

Ballista (place anywhere outside barriers and click to place, then click to fire giant spear projectiles)

Mini-game (Mahjong, match all of the patterned tiles to trigger an explosion)

Mini-game (Smash from Mega Mash, every brick you destroy in the mini-game destroys a block outside the game)

Rust Bomb (is launched like Molotov, works like the Infector gun from Steamlands Player Pack by rusting and spreading through nearby blocks, will not however rust steel, bamboo, or silk)


This is a list of hazards encountered in Rubble Trouble Beijing.


Wok in the Park- a Chinese food restaraunt

Rice Empire- a Chinese food restaraunt

House- a Chinese household

Yuan Bank- a Chinese bank

Bamboo Garden- a garden that grows bamboo and houses pandas


Larry- always manages to get himself stuck on buildings on several levels

Little Boy- a young boy that is trapped on a building on level 24

The Emperor- the Emperor of China is held hostage on top of a building on level 40

Rebels- hold the Emperor of China hostage on a building, get them down so they can be taken to jail


Explosive Blocks- explode when hit with a demolition tool

Wood- is burned by Molotov and Dragon tools

Steel- is indestructable, can be used to protect buildings, can be lifted by magnets

Glass- can be easily broken

Safes- contain money

Bamboo- is burned by Molotov and Dragon tools, will be eaten by Panda Bears if contact is made

Stone- regular blocks

Silk- burned by Molotov and Dragon tools, is bouncy, can be used to protect buildings


  • This is the first Rubble Trouble game where blocks are demolished by eating them.
  • This is the first Rubble Trouble game to have someone other than Larry stuck on a building.