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Rusted Rusher's Current Lair
FN0 base
Ruler Rusted Rusher
Location Dr. Boshi's Base

Rusted Rusher's Lairs. He has had multiple in the past, but has been forced to move for different reasons.

Current Lair

Rusted Rusher's lair is Dr. Boshi's base (after the events of Final Ninja Zero). He has reconfigured the inside of it a lot.

Most of the killer robots remain, albeit inactive, and the Clone Scientists were forced to leave. The inside is significantly less maze-like and much easier to navigate through. A lot of the area he doesn't use however

Past Lairs

First Lair

Rusted Rusher's first lair was located in a wasteland which was the remains of PULSAR Incorporated. It was a big tower made of somewhat damaged materials. however, an attack from a sky serpent had destroyed it, forcing him to make a new lair.

Second Lair

Rusted Rusher's second lair was located in an active volcano. It consisted mostly of metal bridges and walkways above the magma. Due to an eruption, he moved again.

Third Lair

Rusted Rusher's third lair was a facility located in the caves from the Cave Chaos series. He eventually abandoned it because it became infested with cave creatures.


  • The sky serpent that destroyed his first lair is not the one he used to have as a pet.
    • He had said pet sky serpent during his second lair. It didn't die from the eruption, but it escaped and was lost when the volcano erupted. It may have died through other means, however.