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Rusted Rusher
Gender Male
Species Robot
Faction Good (not exactly friendly though)
Status Alive

Rusted Rusher (implied to not be his real name) is a character made by the similar-named user. He is a robot infused with magic. He was created by PULSAR Incorporated.


RR looks like a Puppet Knight from Graveyard Shift, but with some alterations, such as darker armor and a somewhat different eye with a bluish coloring.

Similar to DEFECT, I might do a more accurate drawing.


He isn't evil, but isn't that friendly either. He is somewhat sadistic (not to innocents though) and frequently acts like a jerk. Rusted Rusher, however, he has plenty of redeeming qualities. He isn't drawn to harming others mindlessly and would have tried to stop the organization that made him, had he been aware of the whole situation.

In short: He's an Anti-Hero. Might need to try to not make him a generic 90's anti-hero though.

More Info

He has 4 legs that come out when he wants them to. He also has a magic-infused levitation device inside him. Info about his lairs on this page. His backstory ties into DEFECT's.


  • Rusted Rusher is not supposed to be a representation of me. Despite this, he represents me in User RPG: CLC's Secret.
  • His name isn't very fitting, as he isn't rusted and has no visible legs
  • Despite looks, he actually isn't a real Puppet Knight, as he levitates without needing strings to stay alive
  • He had a sky serpent as a pet once.