Sky Slayer

Game Type

Action, Skill




Sky Serpents

This is an unofficial spin-off to the game Sky Serpents thought up by Plasmaster. If you want to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


The story of Sky Slayer follows after Sky Serpents. The townspeople were being plagued by new flying monsters, and needed a hero to go and slay all of them. The Young Norse Warrior (named Hallbert) was the only one eligible to complete this task, as his father had retired from his days of Monster Slaying. So, Hallbert set off on a quest to rid the skies of evil monsters. After defeating countless numbers of monsters and three of the monster Bosses, the townspeople were once again safe, and Hallbert went into retirement with his father.


The following controls are for the Fuego Handheld system.

Control Pad- Aim Hallbert's attack

A- Leap in the aimed direction

ZL or ZR- Press Spacebar to raise your shield and protect against enemy attacks.


Below is a list of enemies encountered in Sky Slayer:

Bats- flies

Batslimes- drops goo

Batembers-breathes fire at Hallbert

Batdrips- constantly pours water down

Batchutes- blows wind at Hallbert to slow him down

Splovers- has spikes on two sides

Cumuloes- flies

Smokloes- releases poison gas

Aeroban- flies

Flits- attacks forward with head

Diveboms- drops bombs

Telnargos- makes tornadoes

Knotts- blocks path, hit weak spot to kill

Wandoffs- flies in zigzags, hard to hit

Wandolls-flies in loops, hard to hit

Pheonix- can not be attacked when glowing red

Brimstars- strecthes tentacle in four directions to attack

Surtseagulls- drops lava down

Pinatubats-shoots lava upward

Siryse Minors- fire lasers at Hallbert

Quizanoks- flies super fast, kill for 1,000 bonus points

Sharplumes- has harmful spikes on its head


Birds- will deduct points if you kill them

Spikes- harm player on contact

Bashers- special enemies that can not be killed because they have spikes all over their bodies

Power Ups

Water Bottle- increases health

Strength Potion- increases strength of your attacks to deal more damage


Batshadow- Giant Bat that blasts shadow balls at Hallbert

Splovile- has retractable spikes all over its body, only attack when spikes are retracted

Siryse Major- fires mega lasers in four directions, spawns Siryse Minors


There are twenty seven levels in Sky Slayer, with a boss every nine levels. On each level, you will have a goal telling you which monsters to target, and how many of them you need to kill to complete the level. Below is a list showing what the goals are on each level:

Level One- 10 Bats

Level Two- 15 Batslimes

Level Three- 20 Aerobans

Level Four- 10 Bats, 5 Aerobans

Level Five- 20 Batembers

Level Six- 25 Cumuloes

Level Seven- 10 Cumuloes, 10 Bats

Level Eight- 16 Aerobans, 4 Batdrips

Level Nine- 1 Batshadow, 10 Bats

Level Ten- 5 Flits, 5 Aerobans, 5 Smokloes

Level 11- 25 Diveboms, 5 Flits

Level 12- 30 Batchutes

Level 13- 15 Batemebers, 15 Batdrips

Level 14- 20 Cumuloes, 20 Smokloes

Level 15- 5 Surtseagulls, 30 Batslimes

Level 16- 35 Diveboms

Level 17- 5 Wandoffs, 5 Wandolls, 10 Bats

Level 18- 1 Splovile, 15 Aerobans

Level 19- 10 Surtseagulls, 25 Flits

Level 20- 30 Smokloes

Level 21- 35 Batembers

Level 22- 40 Bats

Level 23- 10 Batembers, 10 Batslimes, 10 Batchutes

Level 24- 30 Wandoffs

Level 25- 5 Siryse Minors, 40 Aerobans

Level 26- 1 of everything

Level 27- 1 Siryse Major, 20 Cumuloes


The game ends with the town being safe and Hallbert joining his father in retirement.


  • This game was inspired by many Nitrome games such as Sky Serpents and Canary.