Squid Skirmish

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This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


The plot follows the life of an Orange Squid from Bad Ice-Cream as he goes on an extraordinary adventure involving squids from other Nitrome games.


Arrow Keys to move the player left, right, up, or down. Space Bar is used to attack (Head Butt Attack).


Orange Squid- main character, playable. Moves with arrow keys and attacks with space bar. Can break ice.

King Squid- a blue squid from BIC. He is an NPC and sends Orange Squid on his adventure.

Green Squid- a green squid from BIC. He is an NPC and helps Orange Squid on his adventure.

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Squid (Rainbogeddon)- a red squid that flashes red when he spots you. Nearby enemies deal extra damage while the squid is flashing.

Mini Propeller Squid- a small flying pink squid

Propeller Squid- a flying pink squid that will follow the player

Piranha Squid- a pink squid with lots of teeth, has high health

Spike head Squid- a pink alien squid with a spike plate on its head

Drill head Squid- a large pink squid with a drill on its head, must be hit in its weak spot to kill it

Squid Orange Goo- a large orange squid that follows the player

Squid (Mutiny)- a small purple squid that throws bombs

Robotic Squids (Bullethead)- a small flying robotic squid that follows the player

Robotic Squids (Toxic)- a large robotic squid that shoots acid blasts at the player

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