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Character List

Name Appearence Weapon Weapon Stats
Simor Simor Old Shotgun Old Shotgun Does 5 damage per shoot, has 0,5 second cooldown.
John Jhon Rusty Minigun Rusty Minigun Shoots faster, but has half damage.
Madame Jeanette Madame Jeanette Grappling Hooks Hooks Meelee weapon. Does double damage and player moves faster.
Fritz Fritz Machine Gun Machine Gun Shoots much faster, but has a slow initial shooting rate and does half damage.
Yohjol Yohjol Fulnarebra Firecharge Firecharge Projectiles are afected by gravity and bounce 5 times before disappearing. They burn enemies.
Austin Austin1

Improved Gun

Is slower to shoot, but does double damage.
Justin Justin Modern Pistol Shoots 2 faster bullets instead of one, but each bullet does half damage.
Golden John Golden Jhon Rich Shotgun Rich Shotgun Same atributes as Modern Pistol. Killed enemies become gold.
Co. Worker Co worker Whip Meelee weapon. Does double damage and player moves faster.
Rusty Cyborg Rusty Cyborg Machina LG-21 Small Aiming at head does double damage, shoots a little slower. Shoots at body also deal a little smaller damage. Has a scope ability.
Engineer Enginer Coal Toss Hot coal Projectiles are afected by gravity, and burn enemies on contact.
Blue King Blue King Royal Rapier Royal Rapier Meelee weapon. Does double damage and player moves faster.
Quote Quote Pixel Art The Spur Polar Star Hold the shoot button for 2 seconds to release a double damage lazer.
Jack Frost Jack Frost v1 Ice Shurikens Shuriken (Ice) They do very smaller damage, but the player will leave an trail that will freeze enemies for 3,5 seconds.
Awesome Ninja Ninja Dark Shurikens Shuriken They do smaller damage but are faster to shoot.
Pyro Pyro Pixel Flamethrower Flamethrower Close range weapon, does 5 damage per second when an enemy touches the fire. Enemies will also have afterburn.
Ortt Wastelander Shotgun Wastelander Riffle Same atributes as Improved Gun. Enemies will explode into dirt and rocks when killed.
Mundee Sniper Sniper Rifle Sniper Riffle Same atributes as Machina. Player taunts when a character is beated.
Lego Robot Robotical Claws Meelee weapon. Does double damage and player moves faster.
Grim Ghost Phantom Scythe Scythe Meelee weapon. Does double damage and player moves faster.
Armored Wrath Heavy Sword Sharp knife Meelee weapon. Does double damage and player moves faster. Player takes less damage from enemies and characters.
President Ortt "Bang" Bazooka Shoots double damage homing red and white collored missles. Player moves a little faster.
Pinkie Pyro Pinkie Pyro Rainblower Rainblower Double damage than flamethrower and larger range, shoots rainbows instead of fire, and will shine in sparkles (as afterburn). Enemies explode into confetti and ballons when killed.
Mr. Mix Mr. Mix Pixel SG-32 SG 32 Mini Pixel Shoots faster, does double damage.


  • The game is based on Steamlands, but there are many references to other games, includding nitrome games.
    • Austin, Justin and the Co Worker are references to the nitrome game Nitrome Must Die.
    • Quote is a reference to the game Cave Story.
    • Pyro and Mundee are references to the game Team Fortress 2.
    • Pinkie Pyro is a popular internet character, being an mix of the characters Pinkie Pie from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Pyro from Team Fortress 2.
  • Meelee weapons have a large range, makes the player faster and do more damage because of an balancing between weapons. As they are not able to shoot projectiles that go far away from the player, they must be allowed to have an special ability.
  • The weapons Rusty Minigun, Machine Gun, Machina, Royal Rapier and Sniper Rifle gives the player an property than he is not abble to jump while shooting, because of weapon's weight or how it works.
  • The Machina and the Sniper Riffle have the ability to use an scope. Pressing the jump button while shooting will active the scope zoom, focusing the screen at the direction you're facing.