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Gender male
Faction good
Health one hit from spikey objects
Status alive

You ment the user?


IRL, Plumber is happy all the time, has good grades, and is the oldest kid in his class.


Plumber is from Planet Plumberia, a now destroyed planet. He was one of the only survivors after Plumberia was destroyed. When Plumber was born, Plumberia and PL-3326779-sl were in the middle of a war, so as a baby he was sent to Planet Earth. Though the winner of the war was PL-3326779-sl, parts of Plumberia can still be found in space. The other survivor was Sharuto.


Same as every other Plumberian, Strplumboder has a sign carved on his right arm, saying what type of magic he has. As his mechanical kunai on his arm, it is shown that he has the powers of mechanics. For instance, when Plumboder wants to get stronger, he just uses his power to grow mechanical armor. He also, like every other Plumberian, has the ability to shape shift, changing into whatever physical form at will. He also has a evil demon inside him, known as the Plumberian demon. He is unleashed only when someone slices Plumber in the left side of his body. Then a red essence will come out of the sliced area and Plumber will become a demon. Literally. He also has an evil counterpart, called DRK-boder.


Team RSK

Members - Random-storykeeper, Klemen702, me.

Team Star

Members - Takeshi64,AustinCarter4ever, Random-storykeeper, me.

Team Magic

Members - Sharuto, Planetron, Firemaker, W2t3r.





"I believe I can die..."

"Ok? OK!? Ok."





  • Strplumboder glitches from time to time because of the sign on his arm.
  • Strplumboder's MLG ranking is xXMLG_FIRESCOPE_DEALWHITITXx
  • Plumber is also a DJ, just like Sharuto.