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Gender Female
Species Pokemon (NMDFFM)
Dragon (DF)
Faction Good
Health Also Good!
Level All (DF)
Episode 1 Episode 76 (NMDFFM)
Status Alive
Game(s) NMDFanfictionMon
Dragon Fails
Defenders of Cloud Kingdom
NMDFanfictionMon Rumble World
Adventures in Tentania

Sunnadai is a main character in Dragon Fails. She's also a character in NMDFanfictionMon, Adventures in Tentania, and Defenders of Cloud Kingdom.


Sunnadai appears to be a light blue dragon with a zigzagged mouth and small nostrils. She has brown eyes along with golden yellow horns above them. She has two wings that are pointy at the top but curved at the bottom along with a golden yellow belly with a smiley face on it. Since Sunnadai can't show any other emotions with her mouth besides constantly smiling, the smiley face on her belly changes to express her true emotions. She has a big and long tail that she doesn't use often except for wagging.

In Adventures in Tentania, Sunnadai is a Gladitorial Dreik. She wears a golden helmet with a feathery red crest and a tan tunic. Around her neck is an orange collar and sprawled across her back is a red cape.


Sunnadai first appears at the end of Misery Loves Company at the outside of May's house. She asks for help since Darker possessed her daughter Lunnadai.

In Say Hello to my Formes! she plays a big part. Since she knows the same seperating spell as Darker, she uses it on Big Bennet to seperate his formes from him.


Sunnadai enjoys to help people, but if she fails to, she won't get upset over it. Instead of doing things on her own, she prefers to follow someone else. In the windows of opportunity where she does things on her own, she does them well. Instead of acting, she almost always asks questions first.


  • Sunnadai's name is a play on the words "Sunny" and "Day".
  • Sunnadai's name is pronounced Suh-nuh-day.
  • Sunnadai's color palette is similar to Carter's.
  • Sunnadai's eyes are similar to those of Omega Carter's.
  • Saira, one of AC4E's friends, always jokes that Sunnadai and Lunnadai look like Trapinch when they're facing frontwards. From time and time again, AC4E has replied that it's just a coincidence. It just is :3
  • Sunnadai's spell in Say Hello to my Formes! looks similar to Carter's trained Fire Spin.