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Super Collab Challenge

Welcome to the Super Collab Challenge! This is a monthly challenge in which users can form teams to write short stories. The story must meet the monthly challenge requirement to qualify. Be creative with it and work together! Teams must have at least two members and can not have any more than three members. At the end of the month, stories will be submitted and then voted on. The winners will have their story immortalized in the Nitrome Fan-Fiction Wiki Library!

Participating Teams

Participating teams will sign their team name below.


This is the requirement for this month's challenge. Your story must meet or incorporate the requirement in some way to qualify.

  • Robot from Bump Battle Royale must be a character.


The team's submission will be entered below. Please create a heading for your team's submission to separate it from the others.


No voting yet, check back August 31st to vote!

  • Note: You can't vote for your own team's story, silly! You don't have to vote for another story if you don't want to, unless you really thought their story was the best.