This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any edits to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


30 Nitrome characters duke it out in this new fighting game brought to you by the maker of Nitrome Smash Arena! With all new moves and combos, new stage elements, percentage health counters, and now introducing items, this fighting game more resembles the Super Smash Bros. Series rather than a Street Fighters style. It was also available on the Nitrome Enjoyment System.


The following controls are for the Fuego Handheld system. For controls for the PFC system, see Player Two Controls.

Player One Controls

Control Pad for ducking, moving left and right, and jumping

A for standard attack

B for special attack

ZR for shield

ZL for grab

1 or D-pad for taunt

Player Two Controls

(Player Two only available in PFC version):

Left Control Stick for ducking, moving left and right, and jumping

A for standard attack

B for special attack

ZR or R for shield

ZL or L for grab

1 for taunt


There are multiple modes in SSN in order to supply a large variety of things to do.

Battle Mode- duke it out with up to four players (two human and two computers) on many different stages.

Classic Mode- a series of ten levels that a player can run through to test their skills with each character

Tourney Mode- in this mode, players can compete in a four-man tournament in which the final battle pits the winners of other battle head to head

Adventure Mode- in this mode, up to two players can go on a side-scrolling never-ending battle against randomized enemies to see how long they will last


Due to the characters having much larger movesets in this game, their attacks and combos will be listed in a separate article, Super Smash Nitrome: Character Movesets. Below is a list of the characters that appear in Super Smash Nitrome.


Rex209 with Blue


Fat Cat and Owl

Austin Carter



Dirk Valentine

Cat Angel



Dr. Nastidious

Teenager and Oodlegobs




Canary 214-LE


Spartan Warrior


Hazmat Hero

Norman Noggin


Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe

Square Meal Troll



Snow Drift Yeti

Nitrome Boss


Rainbogeddon Seal




Nitrome Towers- a fight atop the rooftops of Nitrome Towers

Canary Mine- a side-scrolling battlefield with hazards from the Canary game

Warlock's Village- a battle in the Warlock's Village with vanishing platforms pulled into the void

Cloud Kingdom- a battlefield stationed in the Cloud Kingdom with mischievous Dark Creatures running about

S.S. Squeakstar- a fight atop the S.S. Squeakstar as it makes interstellar journeys, with some appearances made by the planets!

Dr. Nastidious' Lair- an ongoing battle inside Dr. Nastidious' lair, with the ever-watching Machine ready with his deadly laser

Akuma's Skyscraper- an up-scrolling battle filled with climbing, dangerous Drone Mines, and swift Cyber Samurais

Stock Room- a fight in the stock room with crates to bash open and throw at opponents

Super Treadmill- a constantly moving platform with towering obstacles to climb while characters bash each other around and avoid Uncle Rico's attacks

Testing Chamber- a testing chamber filled with proton cannons, teleports and lasers for players to duke it out in

Pirate Galleon- a battle at sea on the Pirates Galleon where players undergo cannon fire, seagull bombardments, and tidal waves

Avalanche Mountain- a side-scrolling sliding battlefield desperately trying to outrun the avalanche

King Frog's Castle- a battlefield filled with clever Turner platforms, Squish Blocks, and Henchmen

Nitrome Balloons- a fight atop different Nitrome balloons and blimps

Egyptian Temple- a fight inside the Egyptian temple with arrow and sand booby traps

Dino Rush- a side-scrolling battle on dinosaurs like T-Rex, Ankylosauruses, Pterodactyls, and Pachycephalosauruses.

Steamlands Tank- a battle on a Steamlands tank, avoiding enemy fire and the tank's cannons itself

Fortress of Steam- a battle on the floating fortress of steam with surprise attacks by Baron Battenberg

War Torn City- a battle in the War Torn City from Bullethead with Triclopian space ships firing down on the scene

Mountain Troll's Lair- a battlefield with tilting platforms, ladders, and the head of the Mountain Troll to fight on--just watch out for indigestion!

Flightless Dungeons- a ladder-filled dungeon with red blobs to duke it out in

Plunger Platform- a fight on top of a giant Plunger platform that moves in all directions; just don't be standing on his plungers when he switches directions!

Vitreous Woods- a battle in the Vitreous Woods with trees and clouds to hop and fight on

Swindler Temple- an ever-turning battle with enemies from the game and Orange Block Spike hazards

Fault Line Testing Facility- a battle with portals--the question is, do the portals lead to the next room, or a deadly void between dimensions?

J-J-Jump Stage- an upward scrolling battle where outrunning the rising water might be a bigger goal than destroying your opponents

Skywire VIP Stage- a flat stage, but definitely eventful as you watch the cars bring different stars through to watch the battle rage on

Cave Chaos Mine- a side scrolling battle with dynamite, falling platforms, crumbling sand, and rolling boulders to avoid--Pushy is simply there to be obnoxious, so beat him around as much as you please

Hot Air House- a battle in Hot Air's house with a Cyan Fan to change the air flow of the battle, speeding up players in front of it and slowing down players behind it--spikes is definitely a strange furniture choice for a house full of balloons

Rainbogeddon Armageddon- a chaotic battle on colorful platforms with a pitch black background, in which you must avoid Floating Fish, bullets, deadly rainbow rays, and bombs; the teleports and bubbles are rather helpful, however

Lockehorn Arena- a battle spectated by the Elk Tribe, Lockehorn and the rival elk are harmless to you, but the ice slab they slide around may prove to be more hazardous

Moscow Demolition Site- a battle on top of a building scheduled for demolition--avoid being destroyed by wrecking balls, Molotov, nitroglycerine explosions, and rocket drills as the tower gets shorter and more demolished

Space Demolition Site- a battle in space on a satellite, with nitroglycerine explosions and thruster-propelled wrecking balls as stage hazards--wave to the Space Doggie as he flies by in the background!

Stretchy Dog Battle- a side-scrolling fight on top of the Stretchy Dog as he makes twists and turns to avoid hazards

Sky Serpents- a battle on several Sky Serpents as they fly through the sky; avoid fireballs, sticky goo, and spikes--oh, and the one thousand foot drop to the ground

Mountain Village- a battle in the Mountain Tribe's village, with the Giant Worm burrowing below, making buildings crumble on their foundations

Flash Cat Track- a moving platform battle that goes along the Flash Cat track--just don't get hit by the caterpillar!

Flipside Track- a moving platform battle that goes along the Flipside track, complete with racing bikes that you have to dodge!

Fat Cat World- a battle on the purple floating world of Fat Cat, complete with green laser beams, moving platforms, and the Big Cat flying through the background

Toxic Factory- fight in the Robot Factory with the toxic pool below--oh, and did we mention the toxic liquid rises occasionally?

Ditto Dungeon- this fight takes place in the dungeon from Ditto. Watch with curiosity as your reflections copy your movements and even attack other reflections as you attack other characters! But don't get too distracted, spikes, demons, water, and deadly red traps plague this side-scrolling journey.

(More stages to be added later)


Cublocks- summons a Nitrome character to aid you in battle

Cherry Bomb- explodes on impact

Sticky Bomb- sticks to an opponent and explodes

Mega Bomb- is a smart bomb and has a large explosion radius

Barbarian Beef-up Shake- heals 25%

Food- heals 10%

Slap Gun- slaps opponents

Helmet- thrown, deals damage to opponents, bounces off walls

Bow n Arrow- fires arrows to damage opponents, 20 ammo

Testing Mines- time bomb

Gun Helmet- can be fired at opponents to deal damage, 30 ammo

Suit ball- turns into a Protosuit once thrown, characters can jump inside the protosuit and fire proton bullets at enemies; 25 ammo

Crates- contain items, can be smashed open and thrown

Ice Crystal- freezes an opponent for a few seconds


Cublocks are items that summon Nitrome characters to aid the summoner in battle...usually.

Jack Frost- freezes ground that he walks on, freezes opponents for a few seconds

Parasite- jumps on opponents head and bites them repeatedly

Right Eye- makes colored platforms appear for all players to move around on

Swindler- will pull the summoner back up to safety if they fall off the battlefield

Bullethead Soldiers- run around and shoot upwards

Nanobot- flies while spinning and shooting bullets in all directions

Parasite and Moon- flies to background and spits green goo balls forward

Squirrels- carry trampolines for players to bounce on

Sky Serpent- flies across background firing homing balls

Turner- acts as a platform/wall for players to move around on

Onekey- triggers a spring that K.O.s targeted opponent

Midas- freezes opponent in gold for a short time if touched

Tank Engineer- launches coal around the stage randomly

Giant Worm- burrows underneath opponent and resurfaces to bite them

Demolition Squad- summons an airstrike to bombard the stage

Castle Corp. Knights- walk quickly in both directions, will rocket dash after a short time

Infected Canary- hurts opponents with a poison effect

Pirate- throws cherry bombs randomly and finishes by placing a hidden mine somewhere on the stage

Smokey Bacon- walks around and eats items in his path

Ducks- spawn ladders for players to climb, will hurt an opponent if the ladder hits them while being spawned

Cat (Oodlegobs)- will make a scared face, when touched the player will begin to eat him. Once he is fully eaten, the player will be completely healed

Balloon (Mega Mash)- makes things floatier so that players can jump higher

Mail Bird- will drop an item for players to use and then fly away

Small Fry Gang- one of the four will appear; Skeleton makes the summoner invincible for a short time; Sporty makes them faster; Brain heals them 50%; Warrior makes their attacks stronger for a short time

Yeti (Cold Storage)- flips off a super bar high into the air, comes body slamming down a few seconds later onto an unexpecting opponent

Protagonist- switches two character's bodies so they end up playing as each other for a short time-they must adapt to the new moveset!


This is a list of the different music tracks heard in the stages in the game.

Nitrome Must Die (In-game regular level music)

Canary (In-game)

Mirror Image (in-game)

Twin Shot (in-game)

Cheese Dreams: New Moon (menu)

Test Subject Green (in-game)

Final Ninja (in-game)

Super Stock Take (in-game)

Super Treadmill (in-game)

Test Subject Series (menu)

Mutiny (menu)

Avalanche (in-game)

Enemy 585 (in-game castle level track)

changeType() (in-game music)

Temple Glider (in-game)

B.C. Bow Contest (menu)

Steamlands (menu)

Dirk Valentine (in-game)

Bullethead (in-game)

Icebreaker (menu)

Flightless (in-game)

Plunger (menu)

Color Blind (in-game)

Swindler (in-game track 2)

Fault Line (in-game)

J-J-Jump (in-game)

Skywire (in-game)

Cave Chaos (in-game)

Hot Air Jr. (in-game level select track)

Rainbogeddon (menu)

Lockehorn (in-game)

R.T.M. (in-game track 1)

R.T.M. (in-game space track)

Silly Sausage (menu)

Sky Serpents (in-game)

Worm Food (in-game)

Flash Cat (in-game)

Flipside (menu)

Fat Cat (menu)

Toxic 2 (in-game)

Ditto (In-game)


Please vote for Hazmat Hero's side and down special attacks and Flufflykins/Blast Man Joe's side special attack in the comments section on the Movesets article page!

Voting for the first new character is now closed. The winner of the contest and the newest character to Super Smash Nitrome is Rainbogeddon Seal! Thanks to everyone that voted!

Voting for the second new character is now closed. The winner of the contest and the newest addition to Super Smash Nitrome is Kapowski! Thanks to everyone that voted!


  • Plasmaster is a secret character that can be unlocked that uses fiery attacks.
  • There are three new characters that will be released in the future. Vote for the second one now in the poll above!
  • Rainbogeddon Seal was voted into the character roster!
  • Kapowski was voted into the character roster!