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Super Story Challenge

Welcome to the Super Story Challenge! This is a weekly challenge in which participants will write a short story. The short story must include the weekly challenge requirement in some way. Be creative with it and have fun too! The requirements will always be minor details or general topics in order to allow for flexibility when writing your story. At the end of the week, submitted stories will be voted on. Winning stories will be immortalized in the Nitrome Fan-Fiction Wiki Library for everyone to read! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for this week's challenge today!

This Week's Participants

If you would like to participate in this week's challenge, please put your name in this section. If you are unable to participate in a weekly challenge, please remove your name or let me know so that I can remove it.

  • Plasmaster
  • Random-storykeeper


These are the requirements for this week's challenge. Your story must meet or incorporate the requirement in some way, but be creative with it!

This Week's Requirements:

  • Write a dialogue piece between two characters; their actions and emotions must be conveyed through their dialogue alone. No narrative allowed, if it isn't between quotation marks, you can't write it!
  • One of the characters must be from one of Nitrome's mobile games. Characters range from the Polar Bear to Magic Touch Wizard, Brick Brickson to Green Ninja. That's right, even unreleased mobile games are fair game!
  • Have fun writing!

Your Submission

You can put your submission in this section. Please create a heading above your submission so that your story can be differentiated from other stories.


You can vote on which story you liked the most in the poll below.

  • Note: You can't vote for your own story, silly! You don't have to vote for someone else's if you don't want to, unless you think that their story really was the best!
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