Test Subject Racing Arena

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This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make an edit to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


The plot of Test Subject Racing Arena is very similar to that of the Mario Kart games. The players try to beat each other in a 3D race by being faster and using objects and weapons to slow their opponents.


Left Control Stick or Arrow Pad- Movement

A- use weapon/object

B- reserve

Any shoulder button- Jump


There are fourteen characters in Test Subject Racing Arena, eight of which are unlockable. Two of the characters are secret characters not specifically associated with the Test Subject Series. Unlockable Characters will have a * by their name.

Blue (no protosuit)

Blue in Protosuit

Blue in Rex209*

Rex209 (empty)


Professor Rex*


Doctor Nastidious*


Orange in Protosuit*


Flipside Racer*

Enemy 585*

Green Rex209*


Fusion Mercenary




There are ten carts in Test Subject Racing Arena, four of which are unlockable. Unlockable Carts will have a * by their name.

Mercenary Jeep

Flipside Bike*

The Machine*

Juggernaut Orange Enzyme

Dr. Nastidious Motorcycle



Rex Buggy

Professor's Car

Mercenary Bike*


This is a list of weapons and objects used in the game. A brief description of what the weapon/object does will be given.

Helmets- from Enemy 585, they act like green turtle shells and can be thrown towards players up ahead

Gun- fires bullets or Proto-blasts, depending on who picks it up. Has three ammo and can be aimed at other players

Clipboard- reflects one weapon and then vanishes, acts as a shield

Orange Goo Grenade- acts like Red Turtle Shells, homes in on an opponent once thrown

Cooked Orange Enzyme- acts like Banana Peel, spins other carts out of control

Food Pill- invincibility for a short time

Teleporters- can give you a jump farther forward in the track

Key Card- grants a speed boost

Testing Mines- acts like Blue Turtle Shell, hits the racer in lead


There are twelve tracks to race on in the game. Five of them are unlockable. Unlockable tracks will have a * by their name.

Xeno Industries

Professor's Desktop

Dr. Nastidious' Lab

Rex209 Testing Room*

Dr. Nastidious' Desktop*

The Machine's Laboratory

Flipside Track*

King Frog's Castle*

Teleporter Testing Chamber

Mercenary Quarters

Orange Incubation Chamber

Green Testing Chamber*


Glass Jar- a hand with a glass jar will try to trap a cart inside for a few seconds

Detection Proton Cannons- fire proton bullets at the players

Monkey Green Enzymes- act like Thwomps, fall from the ceiling to try and crush players

Squish Blocks- work like Thwomps, crush the players

Spilled Coffee- makes Carts spin out of control

Crawling Green Enzymes- act like Goombas, move around on the track and make the cart spin out of control when they are hit

Unlocking Methods

This section explains how to unlock all unlockable characters, tracks, and carts.

Blue in Rex209- unlocked by winning five races in the Rex Buggy

Professor Rex- unlocked by winning ten races as the Professor or Rex209 (empty)

Doctor Nastidious- unlocked by winning fifteen races as Mercenary

Orange in Protosuit- unlocked by winning ten races in the Proto-Bike

Green- unlocked by winning fifteen races

Flipside Racer- unlocked by winning five races as Orange in the Mercenary Jeep

Enemy 585- unlocked by winning a race without using any helmets

Flipside Bike- unlocked with Flipside Racer

The Machine- unlocked with Dr. Nastidious

Mini-Cart- unlocked with Enemy 585

Mercenary Bike- unlocked by winning ten races in the Mercenary Jeep

Rex209 Testing Room- unlocked with Blue in Rex209

Dr. Nastidious' Desktop- unlocked with Dr. Nastidious

Flipside Track- unlocked with Flipside Racer

King Frog's Castle- unlocked with Enemy 585

Green Testing Chamber- unlocked with Green


Cups a.k.a. trophies, can be earned in special cup challenges that consist of several consecutive races on the race tracks.

Orange Cup

Green Cup

Blue Cup

Rex Cup

Machine Cup


This game is compatible with the Plasmaster Fun Console


This game utilizes NiTrophies. NiTrophies are used in this game to grant an item to a player that uses it. This item is equipped at the beginning of a race and usually corresponds to a specific character. The following NiTrophies are compatible with this game.

Professor (grants the Clipboard item)

Blue in Rex209 (grants the Gun item)