The Executioner


Robber 2




Attacking with Whip, Throwing Hatchets, Ramming Forward


Three Blows to the Head



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The Executioner is encountered on level 10 of the game Robber 2. He is seen wearing full body armor, all colored black. His helmet has a single horizontal slit for seeing out of, and two horns. He wears black gloves. A coiled whip is at his waist and he carries a hatchet in each hand. When his helmet is not on, the Executioner's face is seen to be very pale, with a bushy brown beard and brown hair.


The Executioner attacks by flicking his whip, ramming forward, and throwing hatchets. He begins his attack by flicking his whip across the level. After reeling it back in, he rams forward until he reaches the left side of the screen. He turns around and flicks his whip again. He then rams back to the right. He turns and proceeds to throw three hatchets, each thrown at different angles. He then sits down to rest. While resting, his helmet falls off, exposing his weak point (his head). Once he is hit with a throwing knife, he will get up, put on his helmet, and repeat the cycle. The cycle repeats until the Executioner has been hit in the head three times. After he is hit the third time, he collapses to the ground. A noose lowers from the top of the screen, wraps around his neck, and lifts him away. The door is now unguarded, and the Robber can proceed to the next level.