The King






Swinging Scepter, Stomping to make Boulders fall


Summoning Knights to his Aid


Three Blows to the Head



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The King is encountered on level 30 of the game Robber. He is dressed just like the Prince, in a blue surcoat, brown pants, and a red cape, but has a golden crown on his head. The King has brown hair, a brown beard, a small nose, and round black eyes. He wields a golden scepter topped with a red sphere.


The King attacks by swinging his scepter, stomping to make boulders fall, and summoning Knights to attack the Robber. During this boss fight, the King begins his attack by stomping to make boulders fall. These boulders can be avoided by standing under one of the two platforms that characterize the level. He then summons two knights, which come in from the left. Once the Knights are killed, the King will stomp again, making more boulders fall, and then sit down to rest. While resting, the King's crown falls off, exposing his weak point (his head). Once the King is hit by a throwing knife, he will get up, put on his crown, and repeat the cycle. Each time the cycle is repeated, the King will summon two extra knights to his aid, so on the second cycle, he will summon four knights instead of two. The cycle will be repeated until the King is defeated. Once the King is hit three times, he will collapse to the ground. His crown will grow large, crush him, and then disappear. The Robber then exits the level through the castle gates to the right side of the screen.