This is NITROME. A This is halloween Nitrome Must Die parody song.


By Frostyflytrap

2013 - TCG


[Intro] (Shows image of the Nitrome Logo on Nitrome Towers.)


(Shows cutscene of beginning scene in NMD)

Nitrome fans of e-ve-ry age (Austin Carter on his bike)

I'll tell you why Austin Carter's in rage (Camera zooming to the Nitrome Towers)

Come to us and you will know (Shows top of the Nitrome Towers)

It's just torture in NITROME (Bird is fried by experimental weaponary)

(NOTE:This is the end of the use of this cutscene. We'll have to make our own animations after this)

[Three Employees]

This is NITROME I've change some parts so this is what I've added: Dashes(-) They divide a word to change how many sylables the have. Remember, NITROME is always pronounces with three sylables in the song. Italicized words are just there for you to know how many sylbles the verse. They are planned to be replaced with better ones so if you'll change them, make sure to keep the sylables. Italicized bold words in parenthesis are words from This is Halloween. They are there because I don't know what to put there. This is NITROME

We work hard 'till the dead of night

[Charomat Processor] (Shows animation of Charomat Processor that can be found at the beginning of NMD)

We'll show you why we work in fear (fast)

Enemies are spawning here!

[Employees] (Shows employees working on their computers)

We work for years, no end in sight!

[All employees] (Torture devices are shown, with the camera moving to show all of them)

It's our job, torture makes it wrong

As we work for NITROME


I am the one who rides oe'r (Say oe'r like "over" but quicker) your head

I whip you when you rest and shoot you till you're dead!

[Charomat Programmer]

I an the one who released the enemies Some hunt you you like sharks, and jump just like fleas


This is NITROME, This is NITROME



[Failure of the Month]

With this job

Everyone is lost

Everybody's working for the Nitrome Boss.

[Nitrome Boss]

In this tower where Nitrome is its name

Every fan is on our site waiting for the next big game!


Stop... Austin Carter now!

(Oh so you thought you're gonna rest now?)

We are gonna catch them when the time is right

[ Second Employee]


He is coming now!

He would kill no matter how

[Austin Carter]

Aren't you scared?

[Justin Bennet]

Well that's just fine!


Everyone should come right here

Pull the steamlands tank out there

This would stop them from their flight

[Austin Carter and Justin Bennet]

Everybody die!!!111

NITROME must Die!!!111

In this tower of Nitrome

[Hardworker of the Month]

Don't just say I have a horrible face

I work so hard I'm nearly gone without a face


I am the voice you hear from the screen!

When a challenge level's on or a boss is seen!

[Motivator of the Month]

I am the terror of the room at night

Filling your minds to the brim with fright


This is NITROME, This is NITROME



[Three Working Employees]

They can see us everywhere.


NITROME's no fun without electric chairs!


That's our job and you may know

It's just torture in NITROME

[Nitrome Boss]

In this tower,where torture and injustice reigns,

Every fan is waiting for the next big game!


Austin and Justin are coming to the highest floor!

They'll kill you with a molotov and play with what is left of us!

This is NITROME . . .

[Austin Carter]

Everybody DIE!!!!!111


We'd rather run away than fight this guy...

[Nitrome Boss]

You are coming ju-ust to destroy me

You will die not completing your goal!


This is NITROME, This is NITROME,




You will die... We are sure...

[Failure of the Month]

Everyone's working for the Nitrome Boss.


(While this is going on, someone get an animation or video of the final boss fight with the nitrome boss, and make it so it ends when the "R" lands on his head)

La! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la!

(While the la la la is going on, in the background, someone would say NITROME 16 times just like in the original song)

(Chiptune Music)

(Long pause)


Hey, why are we singing?


We Dunno