This article is about TinyCastleGuy's main house. To see the cloud he sometimes stays in, go to TinyCastleGuy's Cloud.

TinyCastleGuy's House is where TinyCastleGuy, Nitrome Wiki's mascot; Blueboy, their dog Brownie and Quote from Cave Story reside. It is located near the Cloud Kingdom (heavens), but it is mostly in the Nitrome Wiki. There have currently been three different previous houses.


House #1

TinyCastleGuy and Blueboy's original house. It is where they and their previous pets (noting Fuzzball, who is currently being trained in a badly-named place called Charicific Valley) and Thingamatron used to reside. Places to note are TCG's room, Blueboy's room, the basement, a pallete-swapping shower, a laboratory, and the living room; where Blueboy throws unnessesary and unneeded parties.

House #2

Hot Air Jr's house. TCG and Blueboy moved in, and it's pretty much the same except the doors lead to rooms and not levels. The house exploded after Blueboy (influenced by his music craze) tried to put heavy metal in a blender... and blend it.

House #3

The first mansion from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. TCG and Blueboy moved out from it, but TCG has plans to use it in the future.

House #4 (Current)

The Laverre City gym from Pokemon X and Y; and a tree with many enternal rooms. Seeing as she's a fellow angel (and the world's creepiest gym leader), Valerie decided to give TCG, Blueboy, Quote, and Brownie her gym by destroying her teleportation devices and linking the rooms together. TCG is quite pleased with this house, although he hopes no one mistakes it for Twilight Sparkle's.

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