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Twin Shot 3



Game Type:

Main Game


Player 1:↑←↓→ Enter
Player 2: WASD Spacebar
Player 3: FHTG J

Twin Shot 3 is a game made by Axiy, Austincarter4ever and The Nitrome Yeti. And the main characters are: The Angels and Winged Carter.


Dark Thieves: Dark Thieves will hurt the player and are hard to destroy.

Dark Teleporter Blobs: Dark Teleporter Blobs will teleport around the place and are stronger then Teleporter Blobs.

Dark Dragons: Dark Dragons are enemies that will shoot green fireballs that can make the player lose 2 hearts.

Testies: Testies are enemies that will walk fast and use their cord as a whip to hurt the player. They can be killed with four hits.

Darksongs: Flying Enemies who can stun you. Also, they can speed up when you're in their line of fire :o They are't figting willfuly, Dark Things are controlling them from the inside.

Rider Darksongs: The Dark Thing is visible, and seen on the Darksong's back. Unlike the posessed Darksongs, you only need to attack this once. When this is defeated, he or she will drop a few coins and make powerups more likely.

Crawling Purple Enzymes: Crawling Purple Enzymes are enemies that will crawl around the floor it is on, it cannot descend or ascend and it will attack the player.

Sniper Purple Enzymes: Sniper Purple Enzymes will shoot purple bullets around the room and they normally stay at walls.