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Don't Touch!!
Yellow Tongue Enemy
Yellow Nose Enemy
Attack Horns
Game(s) Jack Frost 2

Yellow Tongue Enemies are enemies from Jack Frost 2.


Yellow Tongue Enemies appear to have small bodies and legs, with larger, round heads. They have two curved horns on their heads, and a tongue that drags along the ground comes out of their noses.

Game Information

Yellow Tongue Enemies walk forward until they reach a ledge or a wall. Once they do, they will turn around and begin walking the other way. Ocasionally, they will stick their tongues on to a block and suck the frost out of it. They can also do this with levers. Once they have unfrozen a block, the Frost Characters have to go back to re-freeze the block. However, they cannot stick their tongues out as an attack. The Frost characters cannot be frozen, due to them having horns on their heads. Jumping on their heads, or touching them in any other way will cost the Frost Characters one unti of health.