Zt-freak's house


Ruler Zt-freak
Location The City from Final Ninja
Inhabitants Zt-freak
Game Christmas Sequel, The Lost Treasure

Zt-freak's House is the place where Zt-freak lives.

Locations in the building

The Secret Lab

Sorry, you are <insert name here>, You aren't allowed to know anything about this.

The Entrance

Self explanatory.

The Elevator

It connects the rooms.

The Nuclear Reactor

See main article Radioactive Fish.

Here are all the Radioactive Fish Zt-freak got... why?... because they are better than the 235U that normal people use.

The radioactive fish are used to power Zt-freak's home. Three modified Power Orb machines attached to the ceiling extract the nuclear energy from the fish.

The Garage

Here are Zt-freak's vehicles.

Zt-freak's house during the Christmas story sequel

Zt-freak's house is the host location in the Christmas Sequel.